Latest coronavirus: Toronto extends cancellation of in-person events

Latest coronavirus: Toronto extends cancellation of in-person events Source link

Pentagon scientists successfully test solar panel in space, collecting energy that could one day be diffused anywhere on Earth

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Ecuador brings death toll from prison riots to 79 | Crime News

The number of prisoners killed in riots in three different prisons in Ecuador this week rose to 79, authorities said on Wednesday after taking back control of the facilities. Hundreds…

Digital Contact Search | MIT Technology Review

Contact tracing works best as part of what experts sometimes call the Swiss cheese model, which involves layering multiple strategies. One method can have holes, but several combined can form…

It’s time to put employees first

Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins and Ford Foundation Chairman Darren Walker say it’s time to put employees first to fight both the pandemic and racial inequity. Read more Source link

Nigerien opposition leader denounces electoral fraud and declares victory | Election News

Nigerien opposition leader Mahamane Ousmane claimed he narrowly won the country’s presidential election, as further violence erupted a day after official results largely won his rival. “The compilation of the…

TikTok’s recommendation algorithms make it surprisingly easy to become famous

Within hours of sharing this makeup experience, it was shown to hundreds of thousands of people on their “For You” pages, the cornerstone of TikTok. It wasn’t obvious to her…

Sports equipment maker Under Armor cuts sponsorship commitments in half

Under Armor cut its sponsorship commitments by about half in 2020, as the sports equipment company terminated expensive outfitting contracts amid the coronavirus pandemic. The company’s total sports sponsorship obligations…

New police system aims to detain suspects without resorting to force

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Forest fire victims sue former PG&E management for negligence | Climate news

A California company accused of “ dereliction of duty, ” the plaintiffs fear they will not be able to pay a $ 13.5 billion settlement. A trust representing more than…