Best winners / losers of February; Binance Coin wins the race

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And the green fields continued. Following a success January For the top 100 coins by market cap, February brought further gains, with just two coins – that’s right, only two out of 100 – ending the month in red.

Even though the markets turned red last week, that still wasn’t enough to change the color of overall monthly performance. Not a single coin in the top 10 has dropped in the past month, with some also pushing to never-before-seen highs: we’re mostly talking about bitcoin (BTC) and ethereal (ETH) here, which exceeded $ 58,000 and $ 2,000, respectively, in the second half of February.

The performance of the crypto markets, especially bitcoin, has kept the eyes of many retail and institutional investors glued to it for two months now.

Top 10 parts

Coin Race: the best winners / losers of February;  Binance Coin wins race 102
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All of the top 10 coins by market cap ended February in green – although some were more so than others. Therefore, this time is at the very top binance coin (BNB), which has seen an increase of 427% in the past month.

BNB is followed by two more coins with three-digit jumps, namely: cardano (ADA) with almost 275%, and polkadot (DOT) with 103%.

Almost all of the remaining coins saw double-digit increases in the past month, including bitcoin, which is up 42%. It’s somewhere in the middle of the other four rooms – XRP and stellar (XLM) are up 58% and 50%, respectively, while litecoin (LTC) and chain link (LINK) appreciated respectively 26% and 10%.

When it comes to XRP in particular, it was the best performer in January, pulled by a huge pump seen in the last days of the month, but has since fallen from 3rd to 7th place in terms of market cap. In third place is now ADA.

Meanwhile, the only coin that has seen a single-digit rise is second by market cap: ethereum, which is up almost 9%. But as noted, February is still the month the coin hit its current all-time high, even though it fell last week along with the rest of the market.

Top winners in January

Coin Race: the best winners / losers of February;  Binance Coin wins race 103
Source:, 06:02 UTC

Thick greenery also landed on the top 50 coins by market cap, with the top 10 winners all showing triple-digit increases in their prices in February.

At the top, for the first time, we see pancakeswap – a Binance Smart ChannelBase-based decentralized exchange launched at the end of 2020 – with a 684% increase.

The Voyager token (VGX) took the slightly distant second place, rising 441% – after entering the top 50, and after being one of January’s losers in the top 100. Just behind, it there is the winner of the top 10, BNB.

Earth (MOON) is the only coin in the 300% increase range, while three are up between 200% and 290%, namely: solana (SOL), ADA and the graph (GRT).

The prices of the remaining three – UN, IOTA, and NEM (VIEW) – increased between 156% and 196% – objectively high percentages all around.

Among the plays mentioned, SOL was also a winner in January, while OKB took a green turn from the list of losers to the list of winners.

Top losers in January

Coin Race: the best winners / losers of February;  Binance Coin wins race 104
Source:, 06:02 UTC

Well, that will be a short list – in fact, unlike January, we don’t have enough blush to even make a list anymore.

The only coin in the top 50 to have fallen in the past month is Celsius network (CEL). He continued his losses, as he was also one of the red pieces in January. The drop in CEL is minor this time around – less than 4%.

Another thing that can be noticed is that bitcoin (BSV) least appreciated among the top 50. Interestingly, ethereum is in second place here.

Top 100 winners and losers

Ready for more good news: Almost every coin in the top 100 by market cap ended February with higher prices.

Ravencoin (RVN) climbed to number one on this list, with an increase of 805%. It is then followed by CAKE, as well as venus (XVS)511%. Polygon (MATIC) and BNB are next on the list, followed by xinfin token (XDC), phantom (FTM), Monday X (NPXS), and 325% of LUNA in 10th place.

Only red parts in this listing are Curved DAO token (CRV), which fell 6%, and the CEL mentioned.
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