Corsair K70 RGB TKL keyboard and Saber RGB Pro mouse review

Saber Mouse Other Features

There are of course a large number of customizations driven by iCUE. RGB lighting is limited to two zones on the device. However, there are five built-in DPI presets, for quick switching while gaming or otherwise. Personally, I have found this useful so that I can immediately “slow down” the mouse movements when I needed more precise selections. For example, in-game this could be for long range targeting, menu selections, or fine-tuning compared to wilder FPS situations where faster mouse pointing is more desirable.

In order to take advantage of this mouse’s much higher polling rate, Corsair recommends a better system – seriously. Due to the report rate it returns a lot more data and they recommend a 9th gen Intel i7 or 2nd gen AMD Ryzen 7 to take advantage of the 8000Hz poll rate. Lower poll rates can easily be satisfied. by low-end systems, but anyway they suggest direct USB ports on the motherboard. Corsair takes responsive gameplay seriously, it was noted.

One of the software features, Corsair’s iCUE, which I never really thought I needed before, has become more useful to me. The calibration of the mouse surface and its use sometimes makes a difference. There were occasions when I was a little irritated with what I considered poor mouse response, but after calibrating for the surface the Saber RGB Pro was running on, things started to work more as expected. . Underrated IMO feature, give it a try.

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