Corsair snaps his saber like an RGB pro

Corsair is now offering many new contributions

Chances are you’ve already enjoyed Brett’s review of the Corsair K70 RGB TKL keyboard and its quick overview of the Saber RGB Pro mouse. If not, you’ll have plenty of time to do so before heading under the fold for even more reviews of the two new members of Corsair’s Champion Series. It hasn’t had much time with the Saber RGB Pro or its 8,000Hz polling rate, which is why we’re leading with TechPowerUp’s review of the new gaming mouse.

It’s not the first mouse to claim a polling rate above 1000Hz, but it appears to be the first capable of doing so without you having to install a modified USB driver to enable the feature. Corsair’s Saber RGB Pro claims to be able to deliver up to 8,000Hz in part from the PixArt PMW3392 sensor which can operate at that frequency without repeating signals to make it appear to be polling at a higher rate. The software used by mouse users is the other key, again able to run fast enough to register up to 8,000 pixels of motion in a second.

The question remains how effective the Corsair implementation is and if it has any effect on your game and, in fact, which games actually support such a high polling rate. Discover, dig into the exam.

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