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Wow, I have to say that’s not the slightest surprise to me. After launching the AMD R9 290X at GPU ’14 and reporting that the same is faster than the GTX Titan (although we’re not so sure), Nvidia was expected to respond. And is that the answer? the full power of the GK110 Core finally unleashed? NVIDIA GPU

The fully-fledged GK110 Core optimized for gaming perfection is possibly one of the most anticipated chips of all time. Unlike other current generation cores which suffer from double precision, the GK110 core has the best of both worlds – current generation heat output and Fermi double precision. And of course, not to mention that since the Titan is basically a slightly crippled Gk110 core, a full-fledged GK110 core should send the figurative crown back to Nvidia. It could be

The new graphics card is expected to be presented by Nvidia at the Montreal event on October 16-17.

According to some sources, whatever card is set to debut at the Motreal Gaming Event on October 16-17. The possibilities are either the (dubious) Dual GTX 790, the highly anticipated GTA Titan Ultra or a low-end card then this one.

Our money is on the GTX Titan Ultra. After the GPU ’14 conference and the arrival of the 290X Nvidia, we must make a comeback in the eyes of the public relations department. Using the GK110 core seems like the perfect choice. It is not a new chip and should be relatively easy to reconfigure to its full potential. The Titan is currently at the feet with the 290X, even knocking out the same in some (benches here). With a fully unlocked GK110 core, Green can achieve an undisputed victory.

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