Wanchain Integrates XRP for Yield Agriculture | by Titus | The capital | April 2021

There is some important news from DeFi on the XRP cryptocurrency. The CEO of Wanchain integrated the decentralized cross-bridge for XRP on Twitter. Yield farming with XRP tokens is now possible!

Jack Lu, CEO of Wanchain, said in a short video on Twitter that one of the largest cryptocurrencies – XRP – will be integrated into the mainnet in the near future. In addition to liquid mining, this should also enable yield farming through the use of XRP.

The DeFi News gives XRP a new perspective across the DeFi ecosystem. The development of decentralized finance has gained prominence throughout crypto ecosystem. While a few years ago the cryptocurrencies with the ‘best idea’ still had the strongest supporters, the interaction of many different cryptocurrencies with each other has now reached a new level of. importance.

Additionally, cross-chain integration allows XRP Hodlers to use various applications on Wanchain and Ethereum. In addition, a possibility to interact with Bitcoin and EOS is created.

In the field of decentralized cryptocurrencies, yield farming is a way to generate ROI of coins in a smart contract. Yield farming was once a good comparison to staking. By holding or staking coins, additional coins could be earned – with different returns depending on the blockchain Platform.

Yield farming, on which DeFi News is based, is a very advanced form of staking. Because the coins are not only stacked, but given in so-called smart contracts. These smart contracts handle various blockchain-specific processes. As an example to verify a transaction, a smart contract could be set up in which users can participate through yield farming and at the end receive a percentage share through the yield farming network to confirm the transaction.

Based on DeFi News, we can see that the development around XRP and other cryptocurrencies is expanding. significantly. Despite the lawsuit against Ripple and XRP in the United States, the impact on the Asia-Pacific region is relatively minor. A higher complexity form allows many different altcoins to interact with each other. This allows different parts to be used with different functions – an interesting development.

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