Instagram is working on designer stores and a ‘branded content marketplace’ for influencers

Instagram goes all out for creators. The company is working on a suite of new tools to help influencers make money from its platform, including designer stores, affiliate commerce, and a “branded content marketplace.” Mark Zuckerberg announced the upcoming features during a live broadcast with Instagram chief Adam Mosseri.

Creator Shops would be an extension of the company , which allows companies to sell products. “We see a lot of creators building stores as well, and part of the content creator business model is that you create great content and then you can sell products, and so having designer stores is great,” Zuckerberg said. .

Zuckerberg also said the company is working on tools that will allow Instagram stars to get paid for promoting products. The creators, Zuckerberg said, “should be able to get a share of the sales for the products they recommend and we should create an affiliate referral market to make all of that happen.”

Finally, Instagram is working on a “branded content marketplace” that would help connect influencers and sponsors. Zuckerberg noted that such a tool could help enable emerging talent to monetize and create a sort of “creative middle class.” He did not disclose how these deals could be structured, but said the plan was to offer “very favorable terms” to creators. “We’re not building this from the point of view of us trying to make a lot of money.”

The new tools are still in the works, but could dramatically change the way influencers monetize their followers on the platform. Many Instagram stars already run online stores and partner with brands. But for now, much of these transactions take place off-platform, so it can be difficult for lesser-known figures to make any money. Introducing this type of tool to Instagram could make it easier to reach deals. But it would also give Instagram more control over its ecosystem of creators and make influencers spend more time on Instagram than on other platforms.

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