Bentley’s first electric vehicle will be an SUV built on Audi’s Artemis project

When Bentley releases its first all-electric model by the middle of the decade, it will be an SUV, according to CEO Adrian Hallmark. “If you’re not in SUVs, you’re nowhere,” said the executive Automotive magazine (Going through Autoblog), adding that “2025 is the right time for us”.

Hallmark didn’t provide many more details on the car, but said Bentley plans to build it on Audi. Artemis project frame. In 2020, Audi CEO Markus Duesmann noted that the platform will be ready in early 2024. Hallmark’s comments suggest that Bentley will be one of the first brands under the Volkswagen Group to take advantage of the platform. “With our current cars, we had to go into engineering largely after [the platforms] had been done, “Hallmark said.” The difference now is that with Artemis, we’re there at the start, helping to define it. We’re not running it, but we’re going to be a beneficiary of it. “

In the meantime, well-heeled consumers should expect more partial electrification of the Bentley lineup. Last year, the company announced that it would release plug-in versions of all of its models. by 2023, all of its cars being fully electric or hybrid by 2026.

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