If you had bought $ 10, $ 100 or $ 1000 of Ethereum 5 years ago, here is how much you would have earned today | by The Crypto Basic | The capital | May 2021

Cryptocurrency is booming right now, and everyone wants to talk about it crypto in finance.

Those who are just beginning crypto surely think about ignoring the opportunity to invest in cryptocurrency years before.

Ethereum is a decentralized blockchain. It supports thousands of crypto coins, NFTs, including ETH coins based on ETH blockchain. It is the second largest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, with a market cap of $ 358,663,210,487. Today ETH broke 3k USD for the very first time.

ETH was worth 5 years ago

According to historical data from Coinmarketcap, five years ago (May 3, 2016) the price of ETH was $ 7.10 per coin. If you purchased the motto for $ 10 you would have 1.4 ETH.

ETH is worth today

Ethereum’s price as of May 3, 2021 is $ 3,100 per coin. This is 436 times more than five years ago, an increase of about 43,600%.

If you bought $ 10 worth of ETH 5 years ago, here’s how much you would have today.

If you bought Ethereum for $ 10 five years ago, today you would have around $ 4360 ($ 10 x 436). It’s not exactly retirement money, but not bad for a $ 10 buy-in.

For those who then saw the potential of cryptocurrency and really wanted to buy ETH early on, they probably could have done a lot more.

Five years ago, $ 100 worth of Ethereum, if not hit, would be around $ 43,600 today.

Five years ago, $ 1,000 worth of Ethereum, if not touched, would be around $ 436,000 today, enough to maintain an annual cost of living of $ 36,000 for the next 12 years. .

ETH as an investment

Like many other cryptocurrencies, Ethereum’s value has skyrocketed this year – the current value is about double what it was in January of this year.

So does that make it a good investment?

It depends on whether you think it has underlying value. It is never a good investment if you plan to risk money in the hopes of getting rich quick. No investment is guaranteed to grow, let alone 10x or 100x.

Crypto has shown some of the most surprising and interesting returns since the early tech companies – but the markets are volatile. These jumps come with significant declines in value, and we don’t have enough historical data to know whether assets will stabilize and grow over the long term.

The idea for cryptocurrency is a little over ten years old, and Ethereum has been around for less than six years. But if you were one of the investors who woke up to crypto in early 2020, your portfolio probably looks really good today. Whether you should sell and profit from the loot or hold onto and hope for continued growth is entirely up to you.

Crypto investing is best suited for the money you are willing and able to lose – because no one knows what the future holds for us in the short or long term.

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