Microsoft will finally stop bundling Flash with Windows 10

Microsoft is finally ready to purge Flash from Windows 10 once for all. The edge reports that Microsoft now waits to completely remove the bundled version of the Adobe plug-in from Windows with a cumulative update rolled out to users in July. The Anti-Flash patch will also be included in Cumulative and Security Updates for Windows 8.1, Windows Embedded 8 Standard, and Windows Server 2012.

Anyone who updates to Windows 10 21H1 will automatically lose Flash, adding Microsoft, and people who want to pull the built-in Flash player can already Download the appropriate optional patch if they have not already installed it.

None of Microsoft’s fixes will recover manual Flash installations, although this might not be a problem when Adobe has stopped supporting the plugin at the end of 2020 and is currently urging users to remove the add-on. Microsoft is relatively late to the party, we would add. Google was keep users away from Chrome Flash in 2016, and rival browser makers like Apple and Mozilla took similar action at around the same time.

It is the effective end of Flash for many users. Although the plugin has lost its relevance due to both its security concerns and the rise of HTML5, it has persisted on many people’s PCs due to the Windows 10 bundle. Now users don’t. will have no choice but to use modern web technology – although the update arrives late enough that the public won’t even notice.

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