OKB is up nearly 130% in one week | by Blockonomist Editorial | The capital | May 2021

Here are some things you should know about OKB and OKEx

OKB is a cryptocurrency operating on the Ethereum network and is a native token of the OK Blockchain Foundation. The OKB token is used as a utility token in OKEX, and OKB coin holders enjoy several benefits such as reduced fees and voting rights.

Notably, the amount of discounts depends on how often you trade on the Exchange and the number of utility tokens you hold. OKB’s current market price is $ 40.79, with a 24-hour trading volume of over $ 2.14 billion. Its price has increased precisely by 128.9% in one week.

It can be traded on its 61 active exchanges, including OKEx, BiONE, CoinBene, FTX, and Hotcoin Global. OK Exchange has many blockchain incubators focused on growing startups and has partnered with many companies as well. Founded in 2014, OKEx is fast becoming one of the world’s largest stock exchanges.

Speaking of OK Exchange trading tools, he includes margin trading, spot trading, and perpetual swap options. Besides, it also provides many other services including OKEx cloud, OKEx mining pool. It also offers earning and loan function, which enables staking and savings services for its users.

The first decentralized application based on OKEx was OKEx DEX. OKChain is a commercial blockchain developed by OK Exchange, which is a crucial step in the OK Exchange ecosystem. Since 2017, OKChain has been operated as a separate entity from OKEx. In addition, the Exchange funds blockchain-based startups through the OKEx Cloud and OKEx Jumpstart programs.

OKEx on May 3, 2021 announced the listing of Chia’s native token, XCH, for spot trading, which opened on May 3 at 6:00 p.m. UTC. OKEx is a market that supports everyone, including day traders, newcomers, and long-term holders. With over 20 million traders, OK Exchange is indeed one of the trusted crypto markets in the world. OK Exchange is constantly innovating. So we can expect more services to be added to the platform as the business grows. OKEx is still one of the biggest crypto exchanges out there.

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