Acer Predator Apollo RGB, DDR4-3600 at CAS 14

Ignore the name, timing is everything

Acer is heading into the memory market with its Predator family of DDR4 including a 1.45 V, 3600 MHz kit with timings of 14-15-15-35 is to review at TechPowerUp. The kits seem to be designed with Ryzen in mind, with Samsung B-die ICs on a 10-layer PCB, but Intel loves those dies just as much. You can see the area on the heat sink where all of the important RGB is stored in the image above, which can be controlled by your motherboard to synchronize the light show in your case.

If you’re looking to overclock, 4GHz should be easily accessible on an Intel platform, while their AMD system hit 3733 MHz while still maintaining the “Fast” B-die sync preset. You should be able to find this 16GB dual channel kit for around $ 250 if you buy RAM right now.

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