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In an effort to prepare for their next-gen graphics hardware launch, AMD may eventually discontinue its Radeon HD 7990 “Malta” card which will launch in April 2013. Overclockers.Ru reports that the AMD Radeon HD 7990 is available in quantity limited and has been downplayed to some extent that it won’t even be available to consumers by the end of this quarter 604506 b21. AMD GPU

Update: The card has not been abandoned and remains the king of performance. These are slight supply issues at the moment, mentioned by, but they are not ELO’d and the new frame rate drivers arrive on July 31, improving the stability and performance of the Radeon HD. 7990.

AMD Radeon HD 7990 maybe stopped

AMD launched its Radeon HD 7990 codenamed “Malta” as a benchmark model in April 2013, replacing the custom HD 7990 models made by its AIB partners months ago. The card has better thermal specifications and lower power consumption compared to custom models such as the Devil 13. Although the card is at the top of the performance rankings, it did not attract a wider audience due to its image boosting issues which are still encountered to this day by AMD Crossfire and Dual GPU users. AMD has promised a driver that will fix these issues to some extent and will arrive on July 31, but even with the driver it cannot be promised if the HD 7990 will become a hit.

It has already been proven that people look for single chip GPU solutions for performance because they don’t experience stuttering issues. NVIDIA said in a recent report that the GeForce GTX Titan outperforms the sale of its GeForce GTX 690 launched a whole year ago. Maybe the value of the Radeon HD 7970 and its “Never Settle” bundle makes users get a dual HD 7970 instead of a thousand dollar HD 7990 which has more issues at its end.

In the end, if the Radeon HD 7990 is phased out by the end of this quarter, which seems highly possible, then it could be the shortest flagship graphics card with a runtime of just a few months. In the meantime, people would be happy to know that this could be a sign or preparation for AMD’s next generation GPUs codenamed Volcanic Islands, which look very impressive. The launch of the Volcanic Islands GPUs is slated for Q4 2013 with a very specific launch date around October 2013. It remains to be seen what kind of performance they would exhibit compared to the GeForce GTX 700 series and the GK110 architecture. Expect more details in the coming months.


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