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From previous reports, we know that AMD’s next generation of graphics cards would be part of the Volcanic Islands series. Apparently, someone on AMD’s official Taiwan webpage leaked and confirmed through their training course at the education center that Hawaii (the flagship series of the Volcanic Islands) was indeed heading towards launching this. year in the fourth quarter. AMD GPU

AMD Volcanic Islands “Hawaii” GPU Official Leaked

The site has already removed this information confirming that the leak was legitimate and that Guru3d was quick enough to get a screenshot. The picture however is the same as you can notice, Hawaiian dancers are posted next to the last discrete GPU line confirming the Hawaii GPU as the flagship GPU of the Volcanic Islands series. This was probably a huge leak as AMD has so far not released anything official regarding its next generation of graphics cards, but this leak not only confirms new discrete graphics chips for the desktop platform. , but also AMD’s discreet mobility range. This actually confirms the rumor we posted a few days ago about sending engineering samples to manufacturers such as Sapphire for evaluation. The board has a 12-layer PCB that would support the Hawaii chip (larger than Tahiti in chip size) and up to 7 cooling designs have already been prepared by the manufacturer.

We can’t identify the launch at this time, but more information on the map would be available a few weeks before the launch, as the site states. Most likely after an internal assessment and when samples and review units begin to ship outside the AMD building. The site indicates a date of 9/26/2013 when the card would reach qualifying sampling tests and most likely retail mass production would have started.

The AMD Radeon HD 9970 and the rest of the HD 9000 series SKUs would launch in October 2013 or the fourth quarter of 2013. For the time being, HD 9000 series cards would compete with GeForce 700 series cards. and we would see similar competition. it is said when AMD released its HD 7970 at the end of 2011 against the GeForce 500 series. NVIDIA has high hopes that its Kepler GK110 and GK104 based cards would provide competitive performance compared to the new AMD cards, which is why they will not release any news. card before Q4 2013. Their Maxwell cards, based on 20nm architecture and functionality Denver processor with unified memory architecture would arrive in H1 2014.


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