Binance Investigations, MicroStrategy Buys More ‘Sustainable Bitcoin’, More News

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News from the exchanges

  • Major crypto exchange Binance is under investigation by the US Department of Justice and Internal Revenue Service, Bloomberg reported, citing undisclosed people with knowledge of the case, and noting that federal agencies have not charged Binance with wrongdoing. As part of the investigation, officials investigating money laundering and tax crimes sought information from people with insight into Binance’s business, according to the report. With the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the Justice Department will likely review the steps Binance has taken to prevent U.S. residents from participating in its exchange, he added.

Investment news

  • MicroStrategy mentionned she bought an additional 271 BTC for $ 15 million in cash at an average price of $ 55,387 per BTC. To date, the company has said it holds 91,850 BTC acquired for around $ 2.241 billion at an average price of $ 24,403 per BTC. This reserve is now worth 4.6 billion USD.
  • Black rockGlobal Fixed Income chief investment officer Rick Rieder told CNBC that Bitcoin (BTC) is sustainable and “it will be part of the investment arena for years to come”. According to him, the challenges facing BTC “will be overcome over time.”

  • Mobile game editor Animoca brands mentionned he raised $ 88.89 million, valuing the company at $ 1 billion. Investors in the tour included Kingsway Capital, RIT Capital Partners, HashKey Fintech Investment Fund, AppWorks Fund, LCV Fund, Huobi, Eighth, Ellerston Capital, Perennial, Axia Infinity Ventures, SNZ, Liberty City Ventures, Metapurse, and others. The new capital will be used to finance new acquisitions, develop new products, continue to make strategic investments and obtain additional licenses for popular intellectual properties, they added.
  • Mogo Inc., a digital payments and financial technology company, mentionned he intends to increase his stake in Coinsquare, a Canadian digital asset trading platform, from 19.9% ​​to approximately 37% in a transaction between US $ 47 million and US $ 49 million.
  • Cowen Digital Asset Investment Company, a division of Cowen, and PolySign, Inc. mentionned they have partnered to enable Cowen’s institutional clients to secure, access and leverage cryptocurrencies and digital assets in their wallets. In addition, Cowen made a strategic $ 25 million investment in PolySign, leading the initial $ 53 million closing of PolySign’s Series B financing.
  • Grayscale investments mentionned he has publicly filed a registration statement on Form 10 with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on behalf of Grayscale Digital Large Cap Fund. If the registration statement becomes effective, it will designate the Fund as Grayscale’s third digital currency investment vehicle to become an SEC reporting company.
  • From Vietnam Sky Mavis, the maker of Axie Infinity and other blockchain game titles, has received $ 7.5 million in funding from the crypto man of the moment Cuban Mark, the owner of Dallas mavericks NBA franchisee and others, Gamebiz reported. Also participating in the Series A fundraising round were people like CoinGeckothe investment branch of CoinGecko Ventures and Animoca Brands, as well as Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian.
  • Listed crypto mining company Argo block chain mentionned he completed the acquisition of two data centers in Quebec, Canada. The data centers have a combined total of 20 MW of electrical capacity and are powered almost entirely by electricity produced from hydropower, they added.

Blockchain news

  • Samsung electronics mentionned that blockchain users can now manage and trade virtual assets from third-party wallets on Samsung Galaxy smartphones. The update makes it easier for blockchain users to access and process transactions by importing virtual assets stored on certain cold hardware wallets to the Samsung Blockchain wallet available on most Galaxy smartphones, they added.
  • Microsoft closes its Azure Blockchain Service on September 10, 2021, reported Zdnet. Existing deployments will be supported until that date, but as of May 10 of this year, no new deployments or member creation are supported, he added.

Adoption News

  • Governments should embrace digital currencies or risk private companies taking control of the money people use, Bloomberg reported, quoting Jon Cunliffe, deputy governor of the British central bank. According to him, stablecoins and other forms of payment could quickly gain the support of consumers as online commerce increases the demand for technology injection into the currency exchange.

Regulatory news

  • India’s central bank is informally urging lenders to sever ties with cryptocurrency exchanges and traders as the highly speculative market booms, despite a Supreme Court ruling that banks can work with the sector, Reuters reported, citing three undisclosed sources.
  • The central Bank of Korea has announced that it will step up its surveillance efforts for companies and individuals it suspects of secretly buying or holding cryptocurrencies. Through the Herald Kyungae, the central bank told the National Assembly’s Planning and Finance Committee that it was working on “measures to monitor deposits and withdrawals from bank accounts linked to crypto-asset transactions” , and will enforce her by using her powers to send her data on cases he considers potentially suspicious. The bank added that it would pay particular attention to possible cases of “illegal speculative transfers of funds in crypto-asset transactions.”


  • The e-pay platform Alipay, the original idea of Ali Baba-operated Group of ants, launched a pilot digital yuan wallet, in a sign that the digital yuan may not have to face existing payment solutions in a battle to the death after all. Through and CLS, a test group of selected Alipay users can now activate a digital yuan wallet tab from their application interfaces, allowing them to send and receive the pilot token and link the wallet to their Bank accounts.

Decentralization news

  • Blockchain domain name provider Unstoppable domains said that with the last Courageous Updating the browser, Brave users on desktop and Android platforms have access to 30,000 decentralized websites and 700,000 blockchain domain names registered with Unstoppable Domains.

Altcoins news

  • AppSwarm, Corp., a software development company and mobile application aggregator, ad a global initiative to build a network of developers around the DogeLabs blockchain research project, as they aim to build a kind of decentralized network of Dogecoin (DOGE) development teams around the world.

Tokenization news

  • Blockchain company tZERO mentionned it has signed agreements with three platforms: OmniValley, Inc., an online community and a platform hosting and connecting participants to the startup ecosystem, Trellis Platform, Inc., a SaaS platform for alternative assets, and Wunderfund, Inc., an investment financing platform for private companies. “These partnerships will connect tZERO with high quality private companies looking to improve their titles through tokenization,” the company added.
  • Chinese-speaking investors attempt to sue alleged New York-based crypto fraudster who ran WeChat group claiming members could expect to ‘make $ 200,000 in a day’ and achieve returns over 330% . The mastermind, named Sun, ran what he called a multinational blockchain and crypto-themed investment group and taught US equity trading courses online. Through The Epoch Times, six plaintiffs, residents of China, the United States and Canada, filed a complaint with a branch of the New York District Court, claiming that Sun operated the WeChat group from 2016 to March 2020 and did not had kept none of his promises. , falsified bitcoin (BTC) the transactions he claims to carry out on their behalf and fail to return their holdings on demand.

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