Internet Computer (ICP) is in the top ten – is the project legitimate? | by Titus | The capital | May 2021

Internet Computer (ICP) appears out of nowhere and ranks in the top ten on CoinMarketCap. Without the strong pressure to sell, fourth place would have been possible.

CoinMarketCap’s ranking has seen a number of projects come and go this running of the bulls. It’s not rare for an unknown token to be in the top ten, which of course raises the legitimate question of whether ICP is a project.

the Internet Computer was listed yesterday on several major exchanges including Binance, Coinbase Pro, Huobi and OKEx.

ICP is a project that has been progress for five years. Developped by Switzerland-based Dfinity, it has several important supporters, including Silicon Valley venture capitalist Andreessen-Horowitz and Polychain Capital city.

Dfinity was development a decentralized blockchain network since 2016, which aims to extend the functionality of the the Internet.

For Messari, it is a very misunderstood project. However, as the speed of developments increases, more and more people to become familiar with him.

“Dfinity is one of the most durable and the best-funded smart contract platforms for crypto. But it is also one of the least understood. The most of Dfinity’s the darkness is due to his technique complexity and abstract vision. The launch of your token and possibly the open sourcing of your code produce more interest and understanding of the project. “

With ICP, Dfinity wants to create a decentralized and scalable cloud solution in which data can be stored, as well as computing tasks and community the governance.

The goal is to remove the Internet– the related concerns in their current form, including poor security and dominance large technological oligopolies. The company does not focus too much on deliver blockchain technology, but the main goal is to create a free and open internet control by users.

With an independent data network centers, applications can run on the network itself, unlike today’s Internet, where applications run on servers most of which are controlled by Google, Amazon and Facebook.

Dfinity CTO Stanley Jones said that instead of apps running on a dedicated Google Cloud server with Internet computers, the software does not have a fixed physical address because it switches between servers managed by independent data centers. This means that apps can exist that no one owns or controls.

Use of ICP tokens, developers will pay data centers to run their code. However, the data is not accessible, manufacturing it is difficult to follow the advertisements on this subject network.

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