July Window Air Conditioner Replenishment

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There are your standard window air conditioners, and then there are those with a waiting list of 30,000 people. July’s Instagram-ready window air conditioners (yes, we said Instagram-ready) come with a sleek modern profile and decorative front panels that can either help the unit blend in with your decor or add a splash of color to your home as a room accent – making it a very warm product in the window AC unit space. And now, to the relief of many impatient customers, July is back in stock and ready to ship just in time for summer.

  • July air conditioning (from $ 375; july.ac)

While this device looks so pretty, you’ll love to show it off with a colorful or wood-look front cover – nine colors including Pink Clay, Forest Green, Sky Blue, and Sunset are available, as well as three finishes. : matt, wood and fabric – it is also well designed and super practical. The unit is available in small and medium variants and is easy to install, thanks to a sliding and locking installation system. It’s designed to fit a range of window styles, from double and single hung windows to open and sliding windows, so you can take it with you if you move. (If you’re worried about installing it yourself, a white glove service is available to help.)


July air conditioner

Like many devices new to the market these days, the unit is Wi-Fi controlled with Google Home and Alexa integrations (and more integrations will be coming soon). Plus, for those looking for an eco-friendly unit, the July website boasts that the units are three times more energy efficient than other window units and can even cut energy bills by 10%.

It’s ideal for people who might be a bit sensitive to allergens, with an option for air-purifying filters that help remove pollen and animal dander from the air. Learn more about the product and buy yours on july.ac before warmer temperatures kick in – or units sell out again.

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