Peacock dives deeper into live sports with Premier Lacrosse League


continues to develop his live sports portfolio and this time around he hopes to get the attention of the Crosse Fans. The service will broadcast 44 Premier Lacrosse League games this season. Four games will be broadcast on NBC and 17 more will be available on NBC Sports. Peacock will release all of these games along with 23 exclusive games in 2021.

The season begins June 4 and Peacock will feature four games from the opening weekend. Longer term, it will broadcast three of the four quarter-finals, the two semi-finals, and then the league game on September 19. This is the first year that Peacock will be the league’s streaming home.

NBCUniversal has gutted the broadcast rights to a number of sports leagues in order to be able to broadcast events on Peacock. Among them are , , American speed skating, rugby, supercross and snowboarding. Peacock Premium members will be able to watch NFL games next season, as good as Olympic Games and coverage of the Paralympic Games this summer. The platform also houses the .

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