Watch us navigate virtual deep seas with real oceanographers

We love the high seas science here at WIRED, and we’ve got the cover to prove it. Of barely visible mysterious fish and high-tech submersibles on the high seas at virtual reality tours of the ocean floor and ocean conservation challenges, it is safe to say that we like to think of the worlds that exist under the sea and the worlds that can await us in the aquatic depths under the ice of the moon of Jupiter, Europe, and of the moon of Saturn, Enceladus.

As we cannot visit these places yet, we will have to explore the in-game seas of Subnautica: sub zero, official launch on Friday 14 May. The survival game captures what it could be like to be stuck in an ice-covered ocean world, surviving using the resources available in its rich deep surroundings. But who better to tell us what the real challenges of ocean exploration look like, especially what the challenges of ocean exploration might be on an entirely different planet, than the experts at the The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, who are doing this kind of research right now?

We asked them to follow our virtual dive, tell us about the research expedition they are about to leave for, what it is like to control robotic submersibles in ocean environments, what they are hope to find or learn from their journey, and what it might be like to build and control similar submersible robots for ocean exploration on other worlds. Does this sound like fun? Join us here or directly on our Twitch channelat 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time, at 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time.

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