Oklahoma names part of highway after Trump

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt signed a bill naming a stretch of highway in the state after former President Donald Trump, KTUL reported over the weekend.

According to the legislation, which was one of 41 other bills Stitt signed that will come into effect Nov. 1, the section of State Highway 287 that begins in Boise City, stretches 20 miles along the begging and ends in Southeast Oklahoma-Texas. border, will be named after the former president.

Republican lawmakers slipped the Trump highway proposal into the state legislature’s annual omnibus bill naming bridges and roads, which is generally not controversial, according to Oklahoman.

Oklahoma Senate Minority Leader Kay Floyd briefly put a word on the law’s wheel when she pointed out that state law states that a person must be dead for at least at least three years before a highway or bridge can be named in his honor, with the one exception being Medal of Honor recipients.

However, Republicans solved this problem by passing an amendment to the law that removed the three-year requirement.

GOP lawmakers who backed the proposed plan to pay for highway signage with the former president’s name on it.

Two years ago, two Republican senators in the Oklahoma legislature attempted to name part of Route 66 after Trump, but that proposal faced an almost immediate bipartisan setback as the politicization of one of the most famous roads in the country.

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