NASA dummy heads to moon for Artemis 1 mission gets crowdsourced name

NASA will send a “moonikin” to Artemis I.


A mannequin headed for the moon as part of that of NASA The Artemis 1 mission later this year has a new name. Say hello to “Commander Moonikin Campos”.

The name, chosen by public vote, honors Arturo Campos, an electrical engineer who helped bring Apollo 13 safely back to Earth after an oxygen tank from the service module aboard the spacecraft ruptured, putting astronauts Jim Lovell, Jack Swigert and Fred Haise in danger. Campos was one of the few Mexican-American employees at the Johnson Space Center (formerly NASA’s Manned Spacecraft Center) when most of the employees were white. Colleagues remember Campos as being extremely proud of his heritage.


As manager of the Apollo 13 Lunar Module power supply subsystem, Arturo Campos played a key role in its safe return to Earth.

Courtesy of the Campos family

NASA announced its Name the challenge Artemis Moonikin earlier this month to find the right nickname for the male mannequin, or “moonikin”. The dummy will be launched as part of the agency’s unmanned flight test Space Launch System (SLS) rocket and the Orion spacecraft.

Commander Moonikin Campos will occupy the Commander’s seat aboard Orion and will wear the same spacesuit that Artemis astronauts will don during launch, entry, and other phases of the mission. Sensors located under the mannequin’s headrest and behind his seat will record acceleration and vibration throughout the ride, providing data on the impact of the ride on a real human being.

Commander Moonikin Campos’ name emerged victorious from a parenthesis-style title competition honoring NASA’s people and programs, as well as astronomical objects. The final installment descended to Campos and Delos, a reference to the island where Apollo and Artemis were born in Greek mythology.

Other big names under review included Ace, for “Artemis Crew Explorer”, and Montgomery, for Julius Montgomery, the first African-American to work as a technical professional at Cape Canaveral Air Force Base, now known as the Cape Canaveral Space Station. The name Duhart would have paid homage Irene Duhart Long, chief medical officer at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center.

NASA garnered more than 300,000 votes in total, cast on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Campos died in 2004 after applying his electrical engineering expertise to dozens of NASA projects. He has also served as a representative of the Johnson Space Center Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Program and a member of the Employee Hispanic Heritage Program.

While Commander Moonikin Campos’s name honors a key player in space history in a significant way, things don’t always turn out well when audiences step into the nomenclature game. Who can forget when the internet was asked to name a British submersible polar research vessel and set on the stupid Boaty McBoatface?

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Eric Adams holds slim lead in New York mayoral contest after revised tally

A revised tally of the New York mayor’s ballots released on Wednesday showed Kathryn Garcia even closer to frontrunner Eric Adams than a botched tally on Tuesday that plunged the race into chaos.

The latest tab gave Adams, retired police captain and Brooklyn Borough president, 51.1% of the vote, with Garcia, the former head of the sanitation department, 48.9%, unchanged from the previous count.

Still, the margin between Democratic candidates fell from 15,908 votes to 14,755 votes, with around 124,000 mail-in ballots to count.

Third-place candidate Maya Wiley said the election was “still wide open” and demanded that every vote be counted.

The city’s Election Council released the recount on Wednesday night with an apology after its extraordinary failure a day earlier led to the erroneous inclusion of around 135,000 ballots in a test of the system in the count. the goof sparked outrage from candidates and mockery from New York residents.

The board, which is no stranger to controversy and criticism, blamed “human error” for the failure.

The election is the first in which the city uses ranked choice voting, giving each voter the opportunity to put up to five candidates, in order of preference, on their ballot. The losing candidates are then eliminated in successive rounds, their votes being reallocated until there are only two finalists left.

“Yesterday’s ranked choice voting report error was unacceptable and we apologize to voters and campaigns for the confusion,” said two board members, President Frederic Umane and Secretary Miguelina Camilo. ” Let’s be clear : [ranked choice voting] was not the problem, but rather human error that could have been avoided.

The board insisted that new layers of examination had been introduced and that it could state with “certainty” that the last tab was correct.

Garcia, a pragmatist whose campaign has seen a late surge, said: “While we remain confident in our path to victory, we don’t take anything for granted and encourage everyone to patiently wait for more than 124,000 ballots. postal vote are counted and included in the ranked choice. tabulation of votes.

It was the Adams campaign that discovered Tuesday night that more than 100,000 additional votes appeared to have been added to the tally since election night a week earlier.

His campaign noted on Wednesday that he was early on election day, adding: “There are still mail ballots to count that we believe are in favor of Eric – and we are confident that we will be the choice. New Yorkers’ final when every vote is counted. “

Adams seemed to have a leader on election night, with 31.8% of voters placing it as their first choice. He was followed by Wiley, a former attorney for the mayor Bill de Blasio and the leading progressive candidate, with 22.2 percent. Garcia was in third place with 19.3%.

But Garcia took advantage as the ballots went through the ranked choice process. She passed Wiley by just 347 votes after entrepreneur Andrew Yang was knocked out of the race and his ballots were redistributed. The elimination of Wiley then gave Garcia new impetus.

The election is considered the most important of a generation for New York City as he tries to recover from a pandemic that has killed more than 33,000 residents, leveled small businesses and torn the city’s social fabric.

It is also being closely watched beyond America’s largest city as part of the broader struggle between the moderate Democratic Party establishment and a rising progressive wing.

Whichever Democratic candidate wins the primary, it is almost certain that they will win in the November general election given the city’s overwhelming number of Democratic voters.

Marsh Notes

Rana Foroohar and Edward Luce discuss every Monday and Friday the main themes at the intersection of money and power in American politics. Register to receive the newsletter here

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Rust Belt Republicans seek to evade Democratic governors’ vetoes on voter suppression laws

“Republicans don’t want to go through the legislative process for their far-right wacky ideas because they know the governor will veto it,” Democrat State Senator Vincent Hughes told NPR. “So now they’re just going to change the constitution.”

Months of GOP-led hearings on the 2020 election have revealed no systemic voter fraud in Keystone state. Nonetheless, Republican lawmakers sought to push through a sweeping state election overhaul that drew a veto threat from Wolf. They subsequently seized the passage of only one part of that voting package – a strict voter identification requirement – through the constitutional amendment process. The amendment itself is much more restrictive than what was in the original bill, according to NPR.

While the omnibus bill would allow several identification options beyond a driver’s license or state-issued ID card, the amendment would only allow “valid government issued ID” or, if a voter does not vote in person, “proof” of that ID.

This is not the Pennsylvania GOP’s first foray into an attempt to restrict voters’ access to the polls. The Republican-controlled legislature passed a similar law in 2012 that was ultimately rejected by state courts.

In Michigan, another state that proved pivotal in the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections, the Republican-controlled legislature faces a similar hurdle from Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, who has pledged to oppose vetoed a set of 39 new bills primarily designed to restrict voting. rights in the state. Three of these bills recently passed by the Senate in a party line vote would impose stricter voter identification requirements for both in-person and postal voting, which have skyrocketed in the country. middle of the pandemic, according to at Detroit Free Press.

In the absence of a veto-proof majority, Republicans are looking to a loophole in Michigan state law that would allow them to bypass the governor and even voters, who overwhelmingly approved a voting measure in 2018 expanding postal voting without reason. To do this, the Republicans plan to pay local county officials to run a petition campaign that would bring together 340,047 voters’ signatures (10% of the vote in the last governor’s election) in favor of the identification requirements. Republicans could then bypass a gubernatorial veto by passing the initiative by majority vote in both chambers.

Efforts to suppress GOP voters have already sparked a widespread setback in the state business community and activated voting rights advocates.

“We are very alarmed,” Nancy Wang, executive director of the national organization Voters Not Politicians, Told the Washington post. Wang’s group led a successful effort several years ago to create an independent redistribution commission in Michigan.

“We are mobilizing fully, bringing together our field team to organize a grassroots organization,” she said. “We expect them to be there with petitions saying it’s for election security. But we’ll be there to educate voters by telling them what it’s really about: suppressing the vote. “

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The best fitness tracking offers of July 2021

Nowadays, there is a lot of overlap with smartwatches and fitness trackers. If you are looking for a smartwatch feature first and foremost, you might prefer to browse our list of best smartwatch deals available now.

Featured Offer: Save Up To 35% On Amazfit Smartwatches

Amazfit doesn’t quite have Fitbit or Garmin name recognition, but it does make solid fitness trackers at affordable prices. Three beautiful Amazfit models match or improve on their lowest price ever today, saving you up to 35% off the retail price.

B&H has a $ 50 coupon on both Amazfit GTR and GTS 2nd at present. The GTR is the older of the two models, but still delivers a beautiful design, dynamic display, and impressive battery life. It is available for only $ 89.99 ($ 50 off). The GTS 2e was not released in the United States until the beginning of the year, but it is offered at the same low price of only $ 89.99 ($ 50 off).

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If you’re on a slightly bigger budget and looking for something more rugged, the Amazfit T-Rex Pro is a good option. Its standalone GPS, always-on AMOLED display, and over 100 sport modes are just a few of the cool features it offers, and it only sees its second price drop since launching in the spring. It is available for $ 254.99 ($ 25 off) on Amazon.

Check out all three deals through the widgets below, or keep scrolling through the best deals from Samsung, Fossil, Fitbit, and more.

Fitness Tracking Offers

We’ve sorted the offers by manufacturer to keep things simple. All offers were live at the time of writing, but we’ll do our best to keep the post up to date as the offers end and new offers appear.

Fitbit Deals

Fitbit Versa 2 Family Photo

Fitbit is probably the first name most people think of when they need a new fitness tracker. Whether it’s the app that lets you compete with your family and friends or the variety of models you can choose from, Fitbit makes a smart choice for many people.

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With so many models, however, it can be difficult to choose the Fitbit that meets your needs. the Inspire HR is a good choice if you just want the basics, but the Charge 3 or Charge 4 offer larger screens and a more interactive interface. Fitbit also offers a few models of the Versa, which contains the most app features and smartwatch features.

Here are some of the best Fitbit deals we could find:

Garmin Fitness Tracker Deals

elliptical garmin vivoactive 4 examination training screen elliptical breathing

While Garmin makes a variety of fitness trackers with running in mind, there are plenty of general-purpose trackers available as well. If you are looking to rack up miles and create GPS maps, the Precursor the line is your best bet. For daily physical condition monitoring, the Vivosmart 4 and Vivofit 4 are good choices.

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Here are the best Garmin deals we could find across the board:

Samsung Deals

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active outdoor visibility 1

Here are some of the best fitness tracking deals we’ve found, including on the Galaxy Watch Active 2.

Fossil Fitness Tracker Deals

fossil sport spring 2020 these colors 2

Fossil has made a name for itself in the smartwatch game by offering one of the best Wear OS watches you can get it right now. However, he also developed the Sport with the avant-garde fitness junkies in mind. the Fossil sports Probably looks the most like a watch of all the options on the list and offers a lot of smart features.

Other offers

apple watch series 3 on the wrist

Right now, the best of the rest includes Xiaomi’s Mi Band 6 and an Apple Watch which are both worth checking out.

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Who got rich? IPOs produce big gains for Uber, Delta and tech VCs

The New York Stock Exchange welcomes executives and guests of Clear Secure, Inc. (NYSE: YOU) on June 30, 2021, on the occasion of its IPO.


On a day with more tech IPOs than slots available on US stock exchanges, investors reaped billions of dollars in earnings.

But the winners have extended far beyond the Silicon Valley venture capital network.

Uber and Tencent joined SoftBank like the biggest players in the Chinese VTC service Didi Chuxing, which debuted Wednesday on the New York Stock Exchange and closed with a market cap of $ 67.8 billion. Delta Airlines is one of the main investors in the airport security provider CLEAR, which rang the opening bell at the NYSE.

Among venture capitalists, New York City’s Insight Partners has seen the biggest light thanks to its $ 1.45 billion stake in the cybersecurity software company SentinelOne, while Highland Capital owns shares worth over $ 500 million Xometry, a manufacturing market.

There is also a lot of money for private equity firms. Francisco Partners owns more than a quarter of LegalZoom, which celebrated by opening on Nasdaq on Wednesday, and ad tech-company Integral advertising science is majority owned by Vista. Integral rang the Nasdaq closing bell.

While the IPOs of software companies last week Confluence and Proximity mainly rewarded familiar business names like Benchmark, Index Ventures and Emergence Capital, this series of operations underscores the thirst for technology in the investment universe. From buyout firms and mutual fund managers to large publicly traded companies, capital has poured into the tech industry, which plays a disproportionate role in the economy at large.

Didi was by far the biggest start on Wednesday, after the company raised $ 4.4 billion on its IPO. Its biggest investor is SoftBank, which began buying stocks in 2015 at a post-currency valuation of $ 16.5 billion, according to PitchBook. The company, primarily through its Vision Fund, raised a stake worth $ 13.7 billion at market close.

Traders work during the IPO of Chinese ridesharing company Didi Global Inc on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) floor in New York, United States on June 30, 2021.

Brendan McDermid | Reuters

Uber owns an $ 8.1 billion stake in Didi after selling China to its rival in 2016 and sell his Chinese business in exchange for Didi shares. End of March Uber rated its Didi share at $ 5.9 billion.

Emil Michael, Uber’s former chief commercial officer, tweeted earlier this week that Uber’s windfall came from a $ 2 billion investment.

“Almost all stakeholders were against our big investment in China and were consistently negative about it,” Michael wrote in one of the many tweets about the deal.

Chinese internet giant Tencent has a $ 4.4 billion stake in Didi after investing as early as 2013. Apple and Ali Baba have also invested in recent years, but they each own less than 5% of the company, so their holdings are not disclosed in the prospectus.

“Hassle reduction” at the airport

CLEAR, whose biometric devices help passengers clear airport security lines, has a market cap of $ 5.9 billion after its stock rose 29% to $ 40 when it debuted on the NYSE.

Price T. Rowe is CLEAR’s largest outside investor, with a stake worth $ 763 million at closing, followed by venture capital firm General Atlantic at $ 596 million.

Delta shares are valued at $ 331 million due to an investment related to a partnership between the two companies. At the airline’s hub in Atlanta, Delta uses facial recognition systems Thus, passengers can board quickly on certain international flights without having to present a boarding pass or passport. In 2017, CLEAR began operations at John F. Kennedy and LaGuardia Airports in New York City, and pays a share of the revenue to Delta rather than paying the airport, according to the prospectus.

“Our customers tell us their time is precious, as is having a consistent and enjoyable airport experience with less hassle,” said Ed Bastian, CEO of Delta, in a commentary. Press statement at the time of the agreement in 2016. “We look forward to what this partnership will bring to our customers.”

SentinelOne climbed 21% Wednesday after the company raised $ 1.2 billion when it went public. Insight Partners, which is in the middle of a winning streak of Israel’s IPOs Monday.com and WalkMe, is the largest shareholder. Tiger Global, the investment firm best known for its late-stage technology deals, has a stake of $ 1.1 billion.

Xometry, which provides on-demand manufacturing technology, had the greatest popularity among IPOs on Wednesday, nearly doubling to $ 87.39 from its offering price of $ 44.

The company closed the day with a market cap of $ 3.7 billion. Highland Capital, which operates in the Bay Area and Boston, led an investment of $ 8.8 million to a valuation of $ 40 million in 2015. T. Rowe Price led the most recent private tour last year at a valuation of about $ 550 million.

Xometry CEO Randy Altschuler told CNBC “The exchange” that an IPO was the best option for the company, although there are other ways to go public, such as direct listing or through a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC ).

“We had a lot of excitement getting started today and thought, hey, let’s build a book of long term investors and build a great business,” he said.

Big returns for buyout companies

Two 2018 private equity deals also paid off on Wednesday.

Francisco Partners almost quadrupled his money in LegalZoom, less than three years after the firm invested $ 300 million in a deal that valued the legal services site at $ 2 billion. After the stock climbed 35% on Wednesday to $ 37.85, LegalZoom’s market cap jumped to $ 7.3 billion and Francisco’s stake rose to $ 1.1 billion.

Vista’s return to Integral Ad Sciences is not as spectacular in percentage terms, but the total dollar amount is even larger. In June 2018, Vista bought the majority of the ad-tech company in a deal valuing the company at $ 835 million, according to PitchBook.

Full ad shares increased 14% to $ 20.58, giving the company a market cap of $ 3.1 billion. Vista’s 70% stake is now worth more than $ 1.94 billion.

LOOK: Xometry CEO for his stock market debut

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Date de sortie d’iOS 15, fonctionnalités bêta, appareils pris en charge et tout ce qui arrive sur iPhone

Comme WWDC 2021 lancé cette semaine (7 juin), il a commencé avec le dévoilement officiel d’iOS 15, le système d’exploitation d’Apple pour la gamme iPhone.

Comme nous avons déjà détaillé les fonctionnalités de macOS Monterey, regarderOS 8 et iPad 15, voici toutes les fonctionnalités utiles annoncées, à la fois lors de la keynote et sur le site d’Apple, de ce qui est inclus dans iOS 15.

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Which Fintech Stock is a Better Buy? By StockNews

© Reuters. SS&C Technologies Holdings vs. StoneCo: Which Fintech Stock is a Better Buy?

FinTech has gained momentum over the past few years as technology tries to attack the financial sector. Investors are already familiar with names like PayPal (PYPL) and Square (SQ), but smaller companies like SS&C Technologies Holdings Inc. (SSNC) and StoneCo (STNE) could offer higher returns in the future. What is the best stock right now? Learn more to find out more. FinTech, short for financial technology, is technology that helps consumers or financial institutions deliver and deliver financial services more efficiently and quickly than was traditionally available.

Over the past year, the FinTech industry has experienced impressive growth. The Global X FinTech ETF (FINX) has outperformed the S&P 500 and has risen by more than 43% in the past 12 months.

While big stocks, such as PayPal (PYPL) and Square (SQ), are gaining the most attention in the fintech industry, there are other small businesses in the space that deserve special attention. Today, I’ll take a look at two fintech companies, SS&C Technologies Holdings Inc. (SSNC) and StoneCo (STNE), to see which is the best buy right now.

Continue reading on StockNews

Warning: Fusion media would like to remind you that the data contained in this site is not necessarily real time or accurate. All CFDs (stocks, indices, futures) and Forex prices are not provided by the exchanges but rather by market makers. Therefore, the prices may not be exact and differ from the actual market price, which means that the prices are indicative and not suitable for trading purposes. Therefore, Fusion Media assumes no responsibility for any business losses that you may incur as a result of the use of such data.

Fusion media or anyone involved with Fusion Media will accept no responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from reliance on any information, including data, quotes, graphics and buy / sell signals contained in this website. Please be fully informed about the risks and costs associated with trading in the financial markets, it is one of the riskiest forms of investing possible.

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Bill Cosby’s release could silence victims, lawyers say: NPR

Bill Cosby (center) approaches members of the media gathered outside his home in Cheltenham, Pa., With his spokesperson Andrew Wyatt. Pennsylvania’s highest court on Wednesday overturned Cosby’s sexual assault conviction and he was released from prison.

Matt Slocum / AP

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Matt Slocum / AP

Bill Cosby (center) approaches members of the media gathered outside his home in Cheltenham, Pa., With his spokesperson Andrew Wyatt. Pennsylvania’s highest court on Wednesday overturned Cosby’s sexual assault conviction and he was released from prison.

Matt Slocum / AP

The news that Bill Cosby has been released from prison has infuriated sexual assault advocates and MeToo activists.

Dozens of women dating back decades have accused Bill Cosby of sexual harassment and assault. In 2018, a jury found him guilty of three counts of aggravated indecent assault for drugging and sexually assaulting Andrea Constand at his home in Cheltenham, Pa., Outside of Philadelphia. A Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Wednesday released the conviction for indecent assault against him on a legal detail.

“It really sends shockwaves through our community of survivors,” Angela Rose, Founder and President of Promote awareness Empower victims, NPR said. In 2018, Rose supported Andrea Constand in the courtroom when Bill Cosby was convicted of sexual assault. “I’m afraid this is really preventing other survivors from coming forward.”

The case against Cosby was seen as a milestone in the MeToo movement. Attorney Gloria Allred, who has represented a number of alleged victims of sexual assault, called the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling “devastating to Bill Cosby’s accusers.”

Some of Allred’s clients have testified in criminal cases against Cosby. She wrote that, despite the ruling, “it was an important fight for justice, and even though the court overturned the conviction on technical grounds, it did not justify Bill Cosby’s conduct and did not should not be interpreted as a statement or conclusion that he caused him not to engage in the acts with which he is charged. “

For many people, Cosby’s friend and TV co-star Phylicia Rashad put salt on the wound when she tweeted enthusiastic support for the fallen actor.

Phylicia Rashad tweeted her support for Cosby then clarified

“FINALLY !!!! A terrible wrong is being righted – a miscarriage of justice is corrected!” Rashad, who played Clair Huxtable on The Cosby Show, exclaimed.

She then backtracked, Tweeter, “I fully support survivors of sexual assault who come forward. My post was in no way intended to be oblivious to their truth.”

Rashad was recently appointed Dean of the College of Fine Arts at Howard University. For alumni of Howard and New Yorker writer Jelani Cobb, Rashad’s original commentary was “astonishing”.

“It sets a particular tone for young women… about the kind of reception they would receive if they made allegations of sexual assault in college,” Cobb told NPR.

Another Howard graduate, Soraya McDonald, agrees. McDonald, culture critic for The Undefeated and contributor to NPR Pop Culture Happy Hour, was shocked when she learned that Cosby had been released.

“My first response was sort of a heartbreaking disappointment once I realized that this was not just a rumor circulating on Twitter, but that it had in fact been confirmed,” she said. at NPR.

Cosby has been released on a legal basis technicality. In a “no prosecution agreement,” he was told he would not be prosecuted on criminal charges.

The seemingly quick decision reminded McDonald of Heidi Schreck’s play What the Constitution means to me. “The theme of this work is the different ways in which women are left fundamentally exposed and unprotected and sometimes simply invisible by the constitution,” she said.

McDonald’s feels for the dozens of women who have had “the courage to come forward and say what happened to them, to testify in court, you know, to go through so much, just to see … some measure of justice. … And then it is enough to release it. You know, it’s devastating. “

Women In Film, Los Angeles called Cosby’s release a “setback in the fight for justice for survivors of sexual assault.” The association’s statement urged those “in positions of power in the film industries to end the culture of silence and acceptance that has allowed Cosby to prey on so many women.”

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Nouvelle mise à jour du dépôt direct pour le crédit d’impôt pour enfants : l’IRS vous permet désormais d’ajouter des informations pour obtenir de l’argent sur votre compte bancaire

D’autres outils de l’IRS aident les parents à gérer leurs paiements de crédit d’impôt pour enfants cet été et au-delà.

Sarah Tew/CNET

Si vous souhaitez recevoir votre versements du crédit d’impôt pour enfants directement sur votre compte bancaire, l’IRS vous permet désormais d’ajouter des informations de dépôt direct dans une mise à jour du nouveau portail de mise à jour du crédit d’impôt pour enfants. Le portail, qui a ouvert ses portes le 24 juin, vous permet également de vous désinscrire du mensualités et vous permettra, plus tard cet été, de vérifier l’état de votre argent.

Si vous n’êtes pas un déclarant et que l’IRS ne dispose pas de suffisamment d’informations pour déterminer votre éligibilité, vous pouvez vous inscrire pour les paiements en utilisant le deuxième portail de l’IRS – le Child Tax Credit Non-déclarant Outil.

Voici comment utiliser les deux portails. Nous pouvons vous expliquer comment vous préparer à cet allégement fiscal. Nous pouvons également vous aider connectez-vous aux portails en utilisant ID.me, vous donner des détails sur la façon dont vous pourriez recevoir votre paiement et vous dire comment réclamer des milliers de dollars pour les frais de garde d’enfants. Nous avons récemment mis à jour cette histoire.

Ajoutez vos informations bancaires maintenant pour recevoir l’argent de votre crédit d’impôt pour enfants sur votre compte bancaire

En utilisant le Portail de mise à jour du crédit d’impôt pour enfants, vous pouvez désormais ajouter vos informations de dépôt direct si l’IRS ne les a pas encore à partir d’une déclaration de revenus récente. L’IRS a déclaré qu’il utiliserait ce qu’il a dans ses dossiers pour les paiements du 15 juillet. Pour ceux que l’IRS n’a pas d’informations de compte bancaire, l’agence fiscale enverra le chèque de juillet par la poste.

Pour recevoir les paiements restants sur votre compte à partir du mois d’août, ajoutez votre renseignements sur le dépôt direct en utilisant le portail d’ici le 2 août, a déclaré l’IRS.

Utilisez les portails de l’IRS pour vous inscrire et gérer les paiements du crédit d’impôt pour enfants

Voici comment les outils en ligne aident les parents ayant des personnes à charge admissibles :

  • le Portail de mise à jour du crédit d’impôt pour enfants vous permet de vérifier que votre famille est admissible au crédit et de refuser de recevoir des paiements en 2021. La prochaine date limite pour vous désinscrire est le 2 août. Dans les prochains mois. vous pourrez utiliser ce portail pour afficher votre historique de paiement, ajouter vos informations de compte bancaire ou vos adresses postales et mettre à jour l’IRS sur les personnes à charge.
  • UNE portail des non-déclarants vous permet de fournir à l’IRS des informations de base sur vous-même et vos personnes à charge si vous n’êtes normalement pas tenu de produire une déclaration de revenus.
  • le Adjointe à l’admissibilité au crédit d’impôt pour enfants, également maintenant ouvert, peut vous aider à déterminer si vous êtes admissible aux paiements anticipés du crédit d’impôt pour enfants.

Quelles autres boîtes à outils et ressources sont disponibles maintenant ? La Maison Blanche a lancé un site internet pour le crédit d’impôt pour enfants qui fournit une FAQ pour les familles, des détails sur l’éligibilité et plus d’informations téléchargeables.

Dans le cadre d’un effort plus large de sensibilisation du crédit d’impôt pour enfants 2021, l’agence a également fourni une liste de jours d’imposition gratuits dans 12 villes sélectionnées, y compris Los Angeles et New York. À compter de la fin de semaine du 26 juin, les jours d’imposition fourniront aux familles admissibles une aide pour préparer et produire leurs déclarations de revenus 2020 afin qu’elles puissent automatiquement recevoir les paiements anticipés.

Le portail de mise à jour vous permet de vous désinscrire des chèques mensuels anticipés

Le portail de mise à jour du crédit d’impôt pour enfants vous permet désormais refuser de recevoir les versements mensuels du crédit d’impôt pour enfants. Cela signifie qu’au lieu de recevoir des paiements mensuels de, disons, 300 $ pour votre enfant de 4 ans, vous pouvez attendre de produire une déclaration de revenus de 2021 en 2022 pour recevoir le montant forfaitaire de 3 600 $.

Pour ce faire, visitez le Portail de mise à jour du crédit d’impôt pour enfants et appuyez sur Se désinscrire des paiements anticipés. Vous devrez alors connectez-vous avec votre nom d’utilisateur IRS ou votre compte ID.me. (Vous pouvez en créer un sur la page si vous n’en avez pas.)

Après vous être connecté, si vous êtes éligible, vous verrez une option pour vous désabonner des paiements.

Vous pouvez vous désinscrire à tout moment, mais notez que vous devez vous désinscrire au moins trois jours avant le premier jeudi du mois où vous vous désinscrivez. Pour le paiement du 15 juillet, vous deviez vous désinscrire avant le 28 juin. À ce stade, l’IRS dit la désinscription ou la désinscription est une action unique et vous ne pourrez pas vous réinscrire avant la fin septembre. La prochaine date limite pour se désinscrire est le 2 août.

Vous voudrez peut-être vous désinscrire du programme de paiement mensuel anticipé parce que vous vous attendez à ce que votre situation change ou si les paiements mensuels partiels interfèrent avec la planification fiscale. Les familles qui doivent généralement de l’argent à l’IRS lorsqu’elles déposent leurs impôts peuvent vouloir utiliser le crédit complet l’année prochaine. Ou vous pouvez choisir un paiement plus important si votre ménage économise pour une grosse dépense l’année prochaine.


Il n’y a pas de plafond sur le nombre d’enfants par ménage qui ont droit au crédit.

Sarah Tew/CNET

L’outil de non-déclaration vous permet de soumettre des informations même si vous ne déclarez généralement pas de taxes

Le crédit d’impôt pour enfants Outil d’inscription pour les non-déclarants est un moyen pour ceux qui ne sont pas tenus de produire une déclaration de revenus de donner à l’agence fiscale des informations de base sur leurs personnes à charge. Cet outil peut être utilisé par les familles à faible revenu qui gagnent trop peu pour avoir produit une déclaration de revenus 2020 mais qui doivent informer l’IRS des enfants éligibles nés avant 2021.

Avec l’outil de non-déclaration, vous pourrez déposer électroniquement un formulaire fiscal simple auprès de l’IRS avec suffisamment d’informations pour que l’agence puisse déterminer l’admissibilité de votre famille aux paiements anticipés du crédit d’impôt pour enfants. Vous ne devriez pas utiliser cet outil si vous devez produire une déclaration de revenus mais que vous ne l’avez pas encore fait. De plus, n’utilisez pas cet outil si vous avez effectivement produit une déclaration de revenus pour 2020 ou si vous avez demandé toutes vos personnes à charge dans une déclaration de 2019.

Pour utiliser l’outil, les familles doivent avoir une résidence principale aux États-Unis pendant plus de la moitié de l’année. Pour s’inscrire, les parents doivent avoir leurs informations personnelles en main, y compris une adresse e-mail, des numéros de sécurité sociale pour les personnes à charge et un numéro de routage de compte bancaire.

Avertissement : L’IRS recommande d’utiliser le portail sur un ordinateur portable ou de bureau, et non sur un téléphone. Bien que l’outil ne soit pas adapté aux mobiles, selon le Washington Post, vous pouvez y accéder depuis un navigateur sur votre smartphone. En plus d’exiger une adresse e-mail, vous devez connaître votre statut de dépôt et d’autres informations fiscales, que vous n’avez peut-être pas facilement disponibles en tant que non-déclarant. L’outil n’est pas non plus disponible en espagnol. (Nous avons contacté l’IRS au sujet de la disponibilité de l’outil dans des langues autres que l’anglais.)

L’IRS a des directives sur comment remplir le formulaire en tant que non-déclarant. Notez que cela peut prendre jusqu’à 48 heures pour que l’IRS confirme votre adresse e-mail – et encore 48 heures après la soumission de vos informations pour que l’IRS les accepte.

1. Pour commencer, créer un compte si vous n’en avez pas encore. Vous aurez besoin d’une adresse e-mail pour confirmer vos informations.

2. Sur la page suivante – intitulée “Remplissez vos formulaires fiscaux” – entrez vos informations, y compris votre statut de dépôt et les détails sur les personnes à charge. Parce que ce portail est une mise à jour de l’outil utilisé par les non-filtres pour réclamer des contrôles de relance, vous pouvez ajouter des informations sur ces paiements, appelées “Recovery Rebate Credit” sur le formulaire. Ajoutez vos informations bancaires pour recevoir vos paiements par voie électronique plutôt que par la poste. Appuyez sur le Passez à l’étape 2 bouton lorsque vous êtes prêt.

3. Sur cette page — nommée “E-Transférez vos formulaires fiscaux” — vous fournirez votre revenu brut ajusté, ou AGI, et signez le formulaire électroniquement. (Voici comment procéder.) Une fois terminé, appuyez sur le Continuer vers E-File bouton pour soumettre vos informations.

L’outil Assistant d’éligibilité vous indique si vous êtes éligible

Le nouveau Adjointe à l’admissibilité au crédit d’impôt pour enfants permet aux familles de répondre à une série de questions pour déterminer rapidement si elles sont admissibles au crédit anticipé. Cela peut être utile pour les familles qui n’ont pas reçu de lettre de l’IRS confirmant leur éligibilité.

Mettez à jour l’IRS sur les changements apportés à votre famille

Plus tard cet été, vous serez en mesure d’indiquer les changements dans les circonstances de votre vie depuis la dernière déclaration de revenus, comme un changement de revenu, un en plus de ta famille ou alors statut de garde d’enfant. Par exemple, si vous avez commencé à gagner moins d’argent cette année, vous voudrez mettre à jour l’IRS sur ces changements afin que vous puissiez obtenir le montant correct du crédit d’impôt pour enfants.

Si vous aviez ou aurez un nouveau bébé cette année, il est important d’en informer l’IRS afin que vous puissiez recevoir votre paiement jusqu’à 3 600 $ pour cet enfant. Il en va de même si vous avez adopté un enfant ou si vous avez acquis un nouvel enfant à charge depuis votre dernière déclaration de revenus.

De plus, si vous avez obtenu la garde complète de votre enfant, vous serez le parent qui recevra l’argent pour votre enfant. Notez que les parents qui ont la garde partagée ne recevront pas chacun un paiement. Ceci est important pour les survivants de violence domestique, selon les commentaires lors d’une audience de surveillance de l’IRS par Nina Olson, directrice exécutive du Center for Taxpayer Rights. Le “portail sur le changement de circonstances devrait leur permettre d’entrer leur changement d’état matrimonial et également l’endroit où se trouvent les enfants”, a déclaré Olson.

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Crédit d’impôt pour enfants : tout ce que l’on sait


Ajout d’informations bancaires et postales

Plus tard cette année, via les portails, vous pourrez ajouter vos informations de compte bancaire si vous souhaitez recevoir vos paiements sous forme de dépôt direct ou votre adresse postale si vous souhaitez recevoir vos chèques par la poste.

Comment obtenir les paiements sans adresse permanente

le L’IRS exhorte les gens à partager des informations au sujet du crédit d’impôt pour enfants avec d’autres qui n’ont pas d’adresse permanente. En faisant cela, vous contribuez à garantir que les familles reçoivent les paiements auxquels elles ont droit. Vous pouvez partager avec eux des informations sur les portails et les ressources en ligne afin qu’ils connaissent les programmes qui les aident à produire une déclaration de revenus.

Lire la suite sur les conditions de revenu et les conditions d’âge pour le crédit d’impôt pour enfants élargi.

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SpaceX must comply with subpoena from Department of Justice hiring files

SpaceX headquarters in Los Angeles, California.

AaronP / Bauer-Griffin | GC Images | Getty Images

A federal judge ruled on Wednesday that Elon musk SpaceX must comply with a subpoena from the Department of Justice for the company’s hiring records.

“Respondent SpaceX is ORDERED to fully comply with the subpoena within 21 days,” US Judge Dolly Gee wrote in the order.

Gee’s court has considered the case for the past two months, following SpaceX’s April objection to the recommendation of another federal judge that the company should be forced to comply with the summons.

The court’s recommendation in March said there were “several” federal investigations into the company and rejected SpaceX’s argument that the subpoena constituted “an excess of government power.”

SpaceX did not immediately respond to CNBC’s request for comment.

This story is developing. Please check for updates.

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