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For the watches in the market among us, it’s been a biting week. This kind of pulse-increasing volatility is probably why we advise you to focus on fundamentals rather than checking your portfolio on an hourly basis.

Bitcoin hit a low of $ 28,893 for the year, wiping out all of this year’s gains, but then rebounded to $ 33,900. Ethereum fell below $ 2,000, then made up for some lost ground before closing at $ 1,900.

Our Micro Cap Watch List recorded mostly losses for the week.

There were only two cryptocurrencies in positive territory, SYLO and LIKE.

The weakest performances of the week were:

A King -54%

AdEx -35%

Haven of peace -35%


We have removed Polywhale – https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/polywhale – from our list. After seeing a few weeks of impressive growth right after adding it to our list, its price dropped in line with its TVL. It’s a sad case, and it’s a stark reminder that sparkling three- and four-digit APRs are not sustainable. Many are relying on the fact that the token price continues to rise the same way the Enron fraud was structured! We will come back to this reflection shortly.

We haven’t made any new additions this week as there is still a lot of value in our current roster including PIVX, PLOT, CertiK, Polkerstarter and Haven all of which look attractive at these levels.

See the Micro Cap Watchlist here: https://cryptoquestion.tech/micro-cap-watch-list/

Other developments

Each week we will provide a Staking and Farming RPA table identifying the top platforms and the most attractive RPAs, including some of the more racy platforms.

You can consult the table here: https://cryptoquestion.tech/stakingandfarming/

You can read our article which explores whether crypto staking and yield farming is a sustainable and credible investment, along with the associated risks. We also look at some case studies to learn from the past.

Is crypto farming and staking stacking up?


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