trading – I want to know more about transfer codes and bitcoin withdrawal

I bought bitcoin through the blockchain and transferred it to through someone I corresponded with. I sent this person money three times because he told me I had to do it to upgrade. I started with $ 800 and then he said upgrade and go over $ 5,000. I have to send more, so I am transferring an additional $ 1250. Later he wanted more so I could upgrade the 10k pass. He wanted $ 2,400 but I was only able to send him $ 800. This is where it all got fishy. I wanted to retire and I haven’t been able to do so for a month. The balance only went up to just under 10K because he insisted that I send him the difference, which I didn’t have. I can see the account I open with cardone trading and I can see my balance but I can’t withdraw and when I tried it asks me for a transfer code, which I don’t know anything about. This person refuses to help me withdraw. CAN YOU HELP ME SORT THIS. WAS THIS A SCAM I SUSPECT?

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