IRobot Root children’s coding robot draws, sees and more for educational fun ”Gadget Flow

Introduce your child to a fun interactive robot with the iRobot Root Kids Coding Robot. He draws pictures by lifting and dropping any marker or pen. All your kids have to do is add some code to make creativity happen. Root also sees light, senses edges, responds to touch, moves, climbs and more. In addition, this kids coding robot expresses itself through music, drawing and movement, bringing coding into the physical world. Best of all, with the Root Coding app, your whole family can learn to code. Guided lessons and projects teach children and adults the basics of coding. You can even explore more advanced topics as your skills improve. Plus, built-in games, challenges and art projects provide hours of fun. Finally, this robot adapts to your child thanks to the coding interface that switches from graphic blacks for non-readers to full text for advanced coders.

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