Key altcoin price metric turned bullish ahead of Axie Infinity’s parabolic rally

Axie Infinity (AXS) had a difficult week: On July 1, it was trading just above $ 5. A week later and after two consecutive two-day rallies, the price was over $ 19. The price of the AXS has since fallen to between $ 18 and $ 19, but the coin’s weekly stats are still pending: 118% against the US dollar and 119% against Bitcoin (BTC) within a week.

As AXS sits atop the seven day price change graph, many traders wish they had known earlier in the week that the asset was ready to explode. While it’s impossible to see into the future, more often than not, a solid knowledge of historical precedents can be helpful in quickly identifying opportunities. That is, if you have the right optics to recognize which models have already made huge gains.

VORTECS ™ Score, an AI-powered algorithmic tool exclusively available to subscribers of Cointelegraph Markets Pro, is not a crystal ball. It is trained to research historical patterns of price change, business activity, and social sentiment around each digital asset, sounding the alarm whenever the current mix of metrics starts to resemble those that in the past systematically showed up shortly before the coin rallied.

Not all bull runs are based on the same conditions seen before, but in the case of this week’s AXS price action, a historic precedent has clearly been instructive.

Axie Infinity Price vs VORTECS ™ chart. Source: Cointelegraph Markets Pro

A VORTECS ™ score of 80 or higher, colored dark green in the Asset Price vs. Score graph, indicates the model’s reasonably high confidence that the current mix of market and social metrics resemble those that preceded the moves. spectacular prices in the past.

As the AXS price chart shows, a streak of high scores was first recorded around noon on July 2 (first red circle), approximately 24 hours before the coin’s price rose from $ 6.14 to $ 9.24 (first and second red boxes).

It was already a pretty solid race, but Trump kept pushing after a short plateau. On Tuesday, another streak of dark green scores emerged (second red circle), preceding another leg of the rally, dropping from $ 10.60 to $ 16 in several hours.

This impressive price action is not out of character for times when AXS achieves a high VORTECS ™ score. Since the launch of Markets Pro in January 2021, the asset has logged 33 days when it reached a score of 80, a result overshadowed by only three other coins.

Top 10 assets by total number of days with a VORTECS ™ score of 80 or more. Source: Cointelegraph Markets Pro

Of those 33 days, 25 of them showed that the part generated a performance of at least 3% within 72 hours of reaching the 80-VORTECS ™ threshold. For 24 of those days it yielded at least 5% and for 21 days it yielded 10% or more. Even with such spectacular stats, AXS is way behind the leader, RUNE, who spent 63 days above the 80 mark, delivering over 10% in 72 hours for 34 days.

Apparently, some coins are more likely than others to travel off the beaten path on the path to a massive ROI, and now there is a quantum-style tool to help traders detect such movement early.

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