Former St. Louis officer sentenced to four years in prison for severely beating undercover police officer during protests in 2017; Offer regrets: “I’m so sorry”

A former Saint-Louis police officer was sentenced to 52 months in prison on Tuesday, nearly four years after he beating up a black colleague who worked undercover during an event in 2017.

Randy Hays, 34, faces up to 10 years in prison for participating in the beating of Detective Luther Hall, but will serve four years in federal prison in addition to two years of probation after the prosecution and defense requested 70 and 36 months respectively.

Hays pleaded guilty in 2019 to one count of deprivation of civil rights under cover of the law, but has remained free pending his sentencing hearing.

First Assistant to U.S. Attorney Carrie Costantin read victim impact declaration de Hall during the hearing.

“On September 17, 2017, my career came to an end and a long journey of pain, stress, heartache, betrayal and mistrust began,” the statement read in part. “I also learned that my 22 years of dedicated service meant nothing to the SLMPD and SLPOA except for forging documents and reports, leaking false information to the media, and working diligently to get ahead.”

Randy Hays, 34, (right) faces up to 10 years in prison for participating in the beating of Detective Luther Hall (left), but will serve four years in federal prison in addition to two years of probation. (Photos: KSDK / YouTube screenshot)

Hall provided details of the “uneven days” he has suffered since the attack and shared the symptoms he continues to experience as a result of the injuries he sustained.

“Since September 17, 2017, I have undergone 3 surgeries and several procedures to try to relieve the pain I feel every day. My doctors have informed me that I will have to have more surgeries in the future to treat other injuries that I suffered on September 17, 2017. The reality is that I will live the rest of my life in a certain time. degree of pain.

On the day of the incident, Hall, a 22-year veteran of the St. Louis Police Department, was working undercover during a protest in response to the acquittal of former St. Louis officer Jason Stockley, who had been charged with the murder of ‘Anthony Lamar Smith in 2011. During the beaten by his own colleagues, Hall was kicked in the face, which made him unable to eat.

Hall also suffered a tailbone injury, according to court documents, suffered a two-centimeter laceration above his lip, and underwent surgery to repair herniated discs in his neck and back. St. Louis agreed to pay Hall $ 5 million earlier this year to settle a lawsuit he filed against the city in 2019. In the lawsuit, Hall claimed he was beaten by several officers. Hays admitted to hitting Hall with a baton, although he could not resist his arrest.

In March, Steven Korte, who is still in the force, was found not guilty on all charges, and former officer Christopher Myers was acquitted on one count of deprivation of rights and the jury did could not render a verdict on the charge of destruction of property brought against him. . The jury also failed to convict former officer Dustin Boone, who was charged with depriving Hall of his civil rights under cover of law and aiding and abetting the commission of a crime.

Former officer Bailey Colletta pleaded guilty about two years ago to the beatings and was sentenced this week to three years federal probation for lying to the FBI and a grand jury about what she saw during the aggression.

Hays was about to read a statement at the hearing, but was too overwhelmed with emotion, so his lawyer read it to him.

“I am so sorry for the effect they had on Luther Hall and his family as well. … As I replay that night in my head, there are so many things I would have done so differently. … That evening, I chose badly, ”the statement said.

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