Hispanic networks cover up super contagious Texas Democrats


Now that the publicity stunt by Texas Democratic lawmakers who fled to Washington, DC to boycott that state’s election security laws has ended in disgrace with six of them testing positive for the coronavirus, it appears the Latino networks have no choice but to make them disappear. from the menu.

With the news of the fiasco known, the heroes and defenders of the integrity of the vote and of justice, for both Univisión and Telemundo, became somewhat of anonymous advisers and officials deserving of indirect and ephemeral mentions.

Watch presenters and reporters from both networks throw in the towel at the supercontagators who have exposed members of Congress and White House staff to the virus, and who appear to be blameless at having been “fully vaccinated,” as if that was going to change something:

ILIA CALDERÓN: We started with the COVID-19 outbreak driven by the Delta variant which is worsening in the United States.

Infections are being reported to the White House and Congress.

ROGELIO MORA TAGLE: An assistant from Nancy Pelosi’s team and another from the White House have tested positive. They are both vaccinated.

EDWIN PITTI: White House’s own press secretary Jan Psaki confirmed that a vaccinated official tested positive for the coronavirus after going to a party with a senior adviser to the Speaker of the Lower House, Nancy Pelosi.

The Delta variant is growing steadily in the United States and already accounts for 83% of cases, including a White House official and an adviser to Lower House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

In Univisión, presenter Ilia Calderón devoted about four seconds to the subject with “In the White House and in Congress contagions are reported”. To keep up with the competition, Rogelio Mora-Tagle, from Telemundo, simply said that he was “an assistant to Nancy Pelosi’s team and another from the White House”.

In his attempt to cover up the fiasco from Democratic lawmakers, Edwin Pitti, of Univisión, escaped saying that “White House press secretary Jan Psaki confirmed that an official who was vaccinated tested positive for coronavirus after attending a party with a senior adviser to the Speaker of the Lower House, Nancy Pelosi. ” So we can see how hard these rogue lawmakers are working in Washington at the expense of their constituents.

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