Jim Acosta says Trump’s latest “delusional” lies about the insurgency invite his supporters to live in an alternate reality.

Although it oversaw the loss of the White House, Senate and Congress, the GOP will keep Donald Trump as their party’s figurehead. This is a risky proposition given that he instigated an insurgency on the United States Capitol after his electoral defeat.

And the more stories there are about Trump’s feelings about the riots, the harder it becomes to defend him. Authors Phil Rucker and Carol Leonnig recently published a tape of the former president discussing January 6. Trump claimed that the police had in fact “brought” the rioters into the building.

Jim Acosta and Brian Stelter spoke about the new tape on CNN Thursday. “I can’t understand how delusional that sounds ”, mentionned Acosta. “I mean, the lies. It’s just crazy. But does it appear that the former president is emboldened to weave even more outrageous lies about January 6 as time flies on the deadly attack? We see this video day in and day out. It seems illusory to listen to what he says.

Yeah, emboldened is the word, ” replied Stelter. “That’s why it’s relevant. We’ve seen it sink deeper and deeper over time and lies on this level are like a power trip. They are a challenge for the public. Lies on this level, illusions on this level, you know, you challenge people to disbelieve their eyes and their own ears and you challenge people to deny what they know to be true.

Acosta closed the segment Note, “Yes. He invites his supporters to go and live in this cult alternative reality that he inhabits.

The constant stream of stories about Trump seems to be happening to him. He recently issued a statement calling them fake news. But in this case, the proof is in the tape.

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