Twitter Spaces may soon offer voice manipulation effects

Twitter deleted Fleets, but he did not give up the audio. A new voice manipulation update reportedly in the works for Spaces, the Clubhouse-style chat rooms introduced in December. The so-called “Voice Transformer” was first unveiled by social media researcher Jane Manchun Wong, who tweeted that it would allow you to change your pitch or add echo to your audio. Soon after, software miner Steve Moser, who recently rose to fame for digging up new details about Netflix games characteristic – revealed several different effects. The list includes Bee, Cartoon, Helium, Incognito, Karaoke, Microphone, Phone, Spatial, Stadium, and Stage.

Yes get people to tweet was a chore, convince them to speak is probably even more difficult. In this sense, the voice distortion feature may cause reluctant users, or those who are embarrassed by their voice, to give Spaces a try. The awkward nature of some of the effects might even help create a less serious and hopefully more inviting environment.

This is also a feature that many people are familiar with having encountered voice filters on Snapchat. Word of the Twitter Spaces update arrives just as The clubhouse has grown and soon after Spotify’s expansion in voice chat with sound Green room application. Not to mention Facebook launch from a Clubhouse clone. All four platforms will need to keep things fresh if they are to win the audio chat battle.

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