Aveine Smart Wine Aerator adds ambient air to your wine and connects to your smartphone »Gadget Flow

Give your diners an incredible tasting experience when you use the Aveine Smart Wine Aerator. This wine accessory adds room temperature air to your wine, bringing out its flavors and aromas. And since this particular wine aerator connects to your smartphone, it automatically adjusts aeration according to the wine you drink. Simply uncork the bottle and place the aerator on its neck. Then use your phone to scan the bottle label in the app and find the wine in the database. Finally, pour the wine into your glass and sip. That’s all you have to do. Indeed, the gadget adapts the micro-oxygenation to the wine and to the ambient temperature. It aerates the wine as if it had been opened six hours before, in an instant. Plus, with the USB docking station, charging the device is easy. Prepare to fully enjoy your wines with this kitchen gadget.

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