There is only one feature I want from the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Eric Zeman

Eric Zeman

“Prepare to unveil,” says the invitation to Samsung’s next Galaxy Unpacked event, scheduled for August 11. When Samsung says “unfold”, I hope it doesn’t refer to our wallets and the price of the Galaxy Z Fold 3.

The company is expected to broadly announce at least two new foldable phones in addition to a few smartwatches and possibly headphones. The devices are sure to offer a host of new and exciting features that go beyond the dazzling folding screen technology. If there is one new thing about the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 I’m interested, however, it’s lower prices. Here’s why.

Fuck the doghouse

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 artistic

Eric Zeman / Android Authority

At $ 2,000, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 was a luxury item few could afford. The phone was so expensive that Samsung offered 48-month financing to those who wanted to buy it. Even down over four years, the Z Fold 2 costs $ 42 per month. The original Samsung galaxy fold was not cheaper at $ 1,980. At twice the cost of the Galaxy S21, these aren’t phones most people can afford.

The same goes for the Samsung galaxy z flip. An inferior phone in all respects to the Z Fold, the Z Flip went on sale for $ 1,380. Samsung then released a 5G version for $ 1,450. These prices exceed those of the more expensive Apple iPhones, meaning the Z Flip was out of reach for most people as well.

It’s a shame, because folding screen technology has been one of the most exciting developments to reach the cellphone market for years. Folding screens have brought us new form factors that merge some of the best ideas, old and new. Considering the expanded use cases introduced by these phones, it’s a shame that so few people can take advantage of them.

Lower prices could help take the foldable phone from a niche game to a more mainstream device.

Samsung isn’t the only one charging a lot for foldable phones. Huawei Mate X2 carries a price tag that approaches $ 3,000. Motorola wants $ 1,400 for its folding Class 5G.

Lowering the prices of these technical marvels could help take the foldable phone from a niche game to a more mainstream device.

Can Google do it? Google is generally believed to have its own foldable phone in the works. Considering the affordable prices of Google’s latest Pixel phones, the maker of Android may be the company that brings foldable phone prices back to earth.

More accessible

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Leaning Back

There is little hope that the prices will actually be lower for this new generation of flexible phones from Samsung. Last December, Samsung President and Head of Mobile Communications Business TM Roh wrote a blog post over the coming year. In this article, Roh hinted that the prices will go down.

“We will be expanding our foldable portfolio to make this revolutionary category more accessible to everyone,” Roh said. In this context, saying “more accessible” can be a code for less. This is no guarantee of slam-dunk, but it is a strong indicator nonetheless.

It is still a mystery where these awards will land. Even though Samsung is dropping prices by 20% (which is probably overkill), you are still considering extremely expensive devices. The Z Fold 3 would cost $ 1,600 and the Z Flip 3 would cost around $ 1,200. These price tags remain in the league of affordability for the most part.

The very latest news shatters my hopes a bit. Samsung is already take pre-orders for new phones on its website. As is often the case, Samsung is giving people the option to lower the cost of the new phone by swapping out an old one. However, rather than limiting potential buyers to a single trade-in device, Samsung allows people to swap up to two devices to help pay the price for the Z Fold 3 or Z Flip 3. Why would you need to swap out two devices if it’s “more accessible”?

It would be a shame if Samsung kept the price of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 out of reach.

Even more troublesome is a series of price leak for new phones, which suggest significant price increases rather than price cuts.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 are sure to be worthy of the covetousness, fusing the best of design with the most advanced technology around. It would be a shame if Samsung kept the price of the Galaxy Z Fold 3 out of reach.

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