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DigiMax, a provider of artificial intelligence (AI) technology and cryptocurrency, today announced that it has signed a collaboration agreement with Bitget, a crypto exchange based in Singapore.

Following the launch of USDT futures, one-click copy trading, and quanto swap futures, last April, Bitget further announced its full acquisition of the decentralized crypto wallet Bitkeep.


The collaboration agreement will provide opportunities for DigiMax and Bitget to collaborate on mutually beneficial trading arrangements, including allowing Bitget users to first learn about DigiMax’s trading signal product, CryptoHawk, and to offer ultimately direct access to CryptoHawk within the Bitget platform.

Additionally, the companies intend to develop an API system to allow Bitget users to access CryptoHawk signals and enable one-click direct trading based on new issued CryptoHawk indicators.

“By becoming a collaboration partner with Bitget, CryptoHawk users will have a great opportunity not only to increase the efficiency and security of their trading, but in the near future they will also have access to automated trading from signals. CryptoHawk. We’re excited to partner with Bitget to deliver ever-increasing value to both of our user groups, now and in the future. “
– CEO of DigiMax, Chris Carl


An AI-based price trend forecasting tool, CryptoHawk can be used by any investor to maximize their digital trading profits. It provides hourly price trend forecasting indicators to help subscribers interested in trading Bitcoin or Ethereum, and now provides general trend guidance for a larger portfolio of cryptocurrencies.

The CryptoHawk tool is unique in that it uses AI and machine learning to profit from the volatility of cryptocurrencies, rather than incurring the risk of buy and hold investments.

Note that the combined period of June to July 2021 saw CryptoHawk trading signals generate returns of + 44.9% for Bitcoin and + 22.1% for Ethereum before trading commissions. During this same period, Bitcoin saw a net change of + 5.1% while Ethereum fell -3.6% during the period.


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