Was EIP1559 a distraction from scaling?


Posted here in response to the mod’s change to Ethereum’s moderation policy; hope that matches!

Someone posted this in ethfinance daily, but was dismissed from oblivion – https://twitter.com/TusharJain_/status/1432410951270158338?s=20

“All of the work on EIP 1559 should have been spent on scaling. So much time and energy was spent on 1559 and it does nothing to improve Ethereum’s competitive position.”

Most people still think that blockchain development is a centralized organization run by founders, and all development happens in said organization, so there is a limited amount of funds / energy / manpower. work to devote to problems – and that’s probably true for most eth-challengers.

It’s probably a common misconception actually and may not even be malicious, but it’s also a good opportunity to highlight some of the common FUDs / queries in Ethereum development.

Maybe we need to sell the idea that on Ethereum there are many people independently participating in the process, development is happening so quickly and from so many angles.

In fact, the EIP1559 process is a beautiful story of a community-led effort to make changes that are not kernel-driven, and alongside core priorities like merge / sharding / expiration of the state / zk!

Someone created a thread on ethresearch, gathered like-minded people to discuss and found a wonderful solution and turned it into an EIP, independently fundraised on gitcoin, got world class economic audit beyond the technical audit, paid teams to build it on the clients since the client’s developers were rightly doing other important things. Meanwhile, the community fought off the potential miners’ revolt, rallied support, sold the idea (super healthy money, more predictable tx inclusions) and we have it here.

There is literally no other blockchain where there are multiple competing clients, multiple competing scaling solutions, and anyone can initiate an EIP and lead the process to complete that inclusion without being blocked or censored. – the very point of an unlicensed blockchain that happens almost nowhere else.

I believe this is really the key narrative we need to push for blockchain / ETH.

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