ABEY Token Is On List Of Best Liquid Global Cryptocurrency Exchanges


ABEYCHAINthe native token of, ABEY, was listed today on the Global liquid crypto exchange. The token has experienced continuous growth since its inception and has taken a new step towards continued growth. The project is only one year old, but during its short lifespan, the price of the token has increased by over 400%, from its listing price of $ 0.61 in 2020 to its price of current trading of $ 2.50. Its price puts it above Cardano, the third largest coin by market cap in the market, which is currently trading at $ 2.

Founded in 2020, ABEY’s user base has grown to over 100,000 users. Which makes it one of the fastest growing blockchain networks in the world. Registered on ZBX.one, its user base had grown with its token price. Open up the need for more exposure for users, and the listing on Liquid Global works to that end. Liquid Global’s massive user base will open the token to more users, growing the ecosystem as it goes.

Liquid Global is one of the top 20 regulated cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, with significant BTC / JPY liquidity. Listing on Liquid Global will make the ABEY token available in over 100 countries, on a platform that already lists over 80 tokens. With a loyal user base of over 800,000 customers.

ABEYCHAIN ​​confronts the big dogs

ABEYCHAIN ​​has big competitors in the market, including projects like Ethereum and Cardano. But the network has held up so far despite massive competition. Blockchain solves problems in the industry that were previously presented as intractable. A good example of this is what is called the “impossible triangle”. The ABEYCHAIN ​​blockchain has the ability to simultaneously achieve a high degree of decentralization, security and efficiency. A winning trifecta that has been the scourge of the main blockchains on the market.

Blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum weren’t designed to scale quickly with large numbers of users. This is why traffic congestion and high network charges continued to be a problem for blockchains. ABEYCHAIN ​​addresses this issue by using both delegated proof of stake and a secure proof of work mechanism to resolve these issues. This offers ABEYCHAIN ​​users cross-chain interoperability, high speed transactions and its decentralized application base continues to grow in tandem with the rapidly evolving DeFi ecosystem.

The ABEY Foundation said the blockchain can be scaled to handle 10,000 TPS (transactions per second). To put this in context, the current capacity of the Ethereum network is 30 TPS, while Bitcoin’s is only around 5 TPS.

The market welcomes ABEY with open arms

The most important part of the growth of the ABEY token has been market acceptance. ABEY has witnessed the continued support of investors, who have invested in the project at different times. The price of the token has not missed a pace in its growth, as the user base of 100,000 keeps it with continued interest. Driving innovation is at the forefront of the project, and investors have been with the project every step of the way.

Faithful to the growth of the network, the ABEY Foundation has added new functionalities. As ABEYCHAIN ​​strives to solve the ‘impossible triangle’ problem, the ecosystem also serves as home to the latest DeFi platform, XSwap, where users can lend, stake, produce a farm and a host of other services. Its NFT platform also enables NFT typing at a faster and cheaper rate compared to major NFT platforms.

As the need for decentralized storage increases in the market, the ABEYCHAIN ​​blockchain becomes an increasingly valuable service. This will lead to greater adoption of the ecosystem, as large companies see a growing need for the services provided by the blockchain.


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