Survive in Arulco; Jagged Alliance 3 threats are coming


How much worse could it be?

Brad Logston, senior producer at THQ Nordic, proves he’s a master of understatement by describing fan reactions to several recent attempts to resurrect Jagged Alliance as “mixed”. Jagged Alliance Online was a shining example of how not to create an MMO, Jagged Alliance: Back in Action was summed up nicely as the definitive textbook example on how to mess the numbers up trying to “revive” a classic franchise ” .

Jagged Alliance: Flashback was horribly bad and should have died before launch like Strategy First and Game Factory Strategy First and Jagged Alliance 3 and JA3D from Game Factory Interactive. The less said about Jagged Alliance: Rage, the better.

Trying to replicate the complexity and flexibility of Jagged Alliance 2 is a daunting task, and the difficulty that made it rewarding is nearly impossible to sell in today’s gaming market, but once again it is. attempted. On the flip side, Haemimont Games has done an impressive job with the Tropico series as well as their brilliant Surviving Mars, both of which have dedicated followers even though they have never been big hits with the mainstream.

Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN released reveal trailer, which are mostly cutscenes with a little bit of gameplay. The game appears to be missing one of JA2’s key components, the ability to spend extra Action Points to increase your chance to hit percentage. Fortunately, it looks like the reticle is more complex than recent games like Phoenix Point. There’s not much going on at this point, but recent history hasn’t been kind to those who have tried to bring this franchise back.


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