Tennessee police officer who was fired after reporting racism in the department to BLM organizers takes legal action against chief of police: “Stand up for what is right”

A Tennessee police officer who was fired last year after reporting racism in the Millersville Police Department to Black Lives Matter organizers has filed a complaint against the police chief and the suburban town of Nashville.

In the lawsuit, Robert Black, who is white and has a biracial son, alleges he was bullied and intimidated by accused Police Chief Mark Palmer. The costume also names Sgt. Josh Barnes, who is black, as the plaintiff and claims that city officials were involved in a plot to cover up systemic racism and the wrongdoing of other agents.

Black claims that a female officer grabbed his genitals and made a racial insult, and alleges that Palmer made derogatory comments about his biracial son.

When Black told the police officer to stop, she replied, “Why? Because I’m not a …? “

Robert Black, who was fired last year after reporting racism in the Millersville Police Department to Black Lives Matter organizers, has filed a complaint against the police chief and the city. (Photo: YouTube / Channel 5 screenshot)

Black suspected Palmer of having ties to the Ku Klux Klan, according to the costume. The Millersville Police Department has previously been prosecuted for Klan-related intimidation within its ranks. In 2013, Palmer placed a KKK magazine titled “The Klansman’s Voice” in the locker of an African-American policeman, Anthony Hayes. The newspaper is not for sale and is only given to members of the Klan.

While in the ministry, “Barnes saw Chief Palmer use
to describe African Americans. For example, he frequently used the word “Nig ** r” in front of Barnes and called African Americans “animals” on several occasions in Barnes’ presence, “according to a copy of the lawsuit obtained by the Atlanta Black Star.

The legal claim further states: “In an effort to degrade Barnes, Chef Palmer told him, ‘Josh, I know you still want to have fried chicken and watermelon.’ Chief Palmer took pictures with Plaintiff Barnes and informed Barnes that he wanted to make it look like he (Palmer) was not a racist. Chief Palmer has a monkey figure in his office in an attempt to belittle the African Americans because he thinks they are “monkeys” and calls them that.

Deputy Police Chief John “Dustin” Carr, also accused, was under investigation at the time for allegedly assaulting his wife during a dispute over an alleged affair with an alleged suspect of drug. The prosecution alleges that the ministry attempted to cover up the investigation.

Complaints from Black and other officers were assuaged as they were told to respect the “thin blue line,” the prosecution says.

Last year, fed up with racism, Black created a fake Facebook profile and contacted the organizers of Black Lives Matter to speak out against racism in the department.

“I started letting them know: hey guys maybe you want to see the chief of police here. It’s a small town and everyone is so focused on Nashville. This guy was apparently in a KKK lawsuit by a black cop five years ago ”, Recount The daily beast.

A few days later, in September 2020, he was fired. Barnes left the department a few months later due to alleged continuing intimidation. Officials justified Black’s firing by claiming he had organized a protest against Palmer.

The lawsuit claims that members of the Department and the City conspired to deny Barnes and Black their rights and created a hostile work environment. The lawsuit seeks damages for arrears, reinstatement or initial payment, as well as an award of compensatory damages, including damages for mental anguish.

“It’s not about me taking revenge on anyone or seeking revenge. It’s only about standing up for what is morally and ethically right,” Black said. Recount News channel 5.

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Chauvin to appeal Floyd’s conviction and death penalty

Former Minneapolis police officer convicted of murder in George floydThe judge’s death intends to appeal his conviction and sentence, saying the judge abused his discretion or erred on several key points of the case, according to documents filed Thursday.

Derek chauvin said he intended to appeal on 14 grounds. Among them he claims that the judge Pierre Cahill abused his discretion when he rejected Chauvin’s request to move the trial out of Hennepin County due to pre-trial publicity.

He also claimed that the judge abused his discretion when he refused a request for jury sequestration for the duration of the trial and when he refused requests to postpone the trial or grant a new one.

Chauvin was convicted earlier this year of state charges of unintentional second degree murder, third degree murder and second degree manslaughter in Floyd’s death in 2020. He was sentenced at 22.5 – more than the presumption of 12.5 years after the judge agreed with prosecutors that there were aggravating factors in Floyd’s death.

In this June 25, 2021 file image from a swimming pool video, former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin addresses the court as Hennepin County Judge Peter Cahill presides over Chauvin’s conviction at the Hennepin County Courthouse in Minneapolis. (Court TV via AP, swimming pool, file)

Chauvin is also charged in federal court with violating Floyd’s civil rights when he knelt on the black man’s neck for about nine and a half minutes while Floyd was face down on the sidewalk, ne not resisting and begging for air. He has pleaded not guilty to these charges.

Chauvin had 90 days from his conviction to file a notice stating that he intended to appeal. In addition to his opinion, he also filed a motion to stay the appeal process until the Supreme Court reconsiders an earlier decision denying him a public defender to represent him in his appeal.

In an affidavit filed Thursday, Chauvin said he did not have a lawyer in the appeal process and that he had no income outside of nominal prison wages. His case before Cahill was funded by the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association legal defense fund. Chauvin wrote: “I was informed that their obligation to pay for my performance ended upon my conviction and conviction. “

All of the grounds that Chauvin raised in his notice of intention to appeal had previously been raised by defense counsel. Eric Nelson as the case made its way to the district court.

Nelson had previously argued that intense publicity around Floyd’s death tainted the jury and that the trial should have been moved away from Minneapolis. There was reports in February that Chauvin was ready to plead guilty to third degree murder and an announcement during jury selection that Minneapolis had struck a $ 27 million deal with Floyd’s family. In addition, the fatal shooting of Daunte Wright by a police officer from the nearby Brooklyn Center occurred during Chauvin’s trial and sparked days of protests.

Derek Chauvin thegrio.com
Defense attorney Eric Nelson, left, and accused former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin speak to Hennepin County Judge Peter Cahill during motions in court on Thursday, April 15, 2021 , in the Chauvin trial, at the Hennepin County Courthouse in Minneapolis. (TV court via AP, swimming pool)

Chauvin’s court record also stated that the district court erred in concluding that Morries Room, the man who was with Floyd on the day of his arrest, would not be compelled to testify on behalf of the defense. He also said the court erred in allowing prosecutors to present cumulative evidence of the use of force.

Chauvin said he also intended to argue that Cahill abused his discretion when he did not allow Chauvin to strike “clearly biased” jurors for good cause, when he allowed the state to add a third degree murder charge when it limited the admissibility of evidence. of Floyd’s earlier arrest, and when he denied Nelson’s post-verdict request for a new trial and a request for a hearing to question jurors to investigate alleged misconduct.

Nelson had accused the juror Brandon mitchell not to be frank when selecting the jury because he did not mention his participation in a march in 2020 to honor the Rev. Martin luther king jr. Prosecutors responded that Mitchell had expressed his views in a jury questionnaire and during jury questioning.

The judge ruled that the defense had established no evidence of juror misconduct during the trial or during jury selection that warranted a hearing of the evidence.

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Woodie King Jr. finally gets a Tony Award for bringing color to the stage – The Undefeated

Woodie King Jr. has always had a knack for teasing talent from unconventional sources. A young playwright was Minister of Culture for the Black Panther Party. Another had the idea of ​​a dance drama about Chinese workers forging the course of the transcontinental railroad. A third worked on an unclassifiable artistic landscape in which the traditional boundaries between poetry, music, dance and theater blurred, merged, blossomed, punched and distressed, in a sort of common lava lamp.

Whenever an insistent musicality slipped through the verbiage of an embryonic work, King made sure his latest protégé was seen and heard even as he kept a low profile by pulling the strings of the back office.

Perhaps that will change on Sunday, when the Broadway establishment belatedly recognizes King’s contribution to American theater over the past six decades with a special Tony Honors for Excellence in Theater award. The locket takes on more meaning when you realize that King’s name was never spelled out in light bulbs or pixels on a Broadway marquee.

King, 84, belongs to a generation of ambitious literary emigrants who have made their way to the perimeters of the commercial theater from exotic locations like Alabama (where King was born), Missouri, Texas or the Bronx. , At New York. From the middle of the last century, they fed Broadway (even when too many of their ideas entered the Broadway mixer and came out as vanilla smoothies).

After several years of working both off and on Broadway, Woodie King Jr. launched his own company, New Federal Theater, to honor artists trained under the Works Progress Administration of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Jeremy Gérard

Smoothies, however, were never on King’s menu. The Tony Award citation recognizes this:

“The mission of the New Federal Theater, founded by Woodie King Jr. in 1970, is to bring artists of color and women into mainstream American theater by training artists for the profession and presenting writers’ plays. of color and women to integrate. , multicultural audiences – pieces that evoke the truth through beautiful and artistic recreations of ourselves.

The knocking work described above was that of Ed Bullins The take of Miss Janie (1975), a violent parable on rape, wishful thinking and crossed sons; David Henry Hwang’s Elegiac Dance and the railroad (nineteen eighty one); and Ntozake Shange For the colored girls who thought about suicide when the rainbow was over (1976), a work so opposed to the genre that it required its own neologism: the choreoeme.

When King arrived in New York from Detroit in 1964, he intended to make his way as an actor. The aspirants were numerous; the pickings were meager.

“There was no place for black actors, black performers, except in churches,” he said, digging into eggs easily and clinking glasses at a restaurant near his home in Washington Heights. “I produced my first piece. Otherwise there was no work. Would I take on subordinate roles, small roles? “

A downtown church played a major role in changing things for King. As most of the Cultural Revolution unfolded under 14th Street in theaters such as La MaMa Experimental Theater Club, Caffe Cino, and the Judson Poets Theater, a new company had settled in St. Clement’s, an episcopal church under -used on West 46th Street, on the outskirts of the Broadway neighborhood. The American Place Theater and its artistic director, Wynn Handman, turned the Broadway business upside down, drafting literary lights untested by the demands of the stage. The American Place was started in 1964 with American poet Robert Lowell’s Old glory, a trilogy starring a young Frank Langella as captain of a slave ship, and Roscoe Lee Browne like the agitator leading an insurrection. The buzz coming out of rehearsals sparked the interest of Manhattan scholars just as King’s friendship with Handman was taking root.

Woodie King (left) with playwright Ed Bullins (right).

New Federal Theater

“I was at all these meetings with all the great artists,” King recalls. “Robert Penn Warren, Ralph Ellison. We weren’t exclusively interested in black literature or white literature. I was interested in literature, wherever it came from. We talked about Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Allen Ginsberg. I brought in all the black actors they needed. It was a wonderful cast and I made friends with them. Roscoe and I became friends, and Wynn and I became friends, and we stayed friends forever. .

New York had a rich history of ambitious theater companies giving voice to the excluded, outliers and others who did not fit the standard bill. Most of them opened with fireworks, only to go out when they couldn’t compete with Broadway. Notably, the American Place and the New Federal Theater were predeceased by Abram Hill and the American Negro Theater (ANT) by Frederick O’Neal, whose alumni included Harry Belafonte, Sidney Poitier, Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis. The ANT closed in 1949 after nearly a decade of producing works by authors ranging from Sean O’Casey to Henry and Phoebe Ephron. Their vision was quite simple: to tell true stories and leave no one behind.

The key, for King, was to hear the music in the words. “Some people understand that,” he said. “It’s always about the rhythm of a play. The musicality that we find in a piece is found in black music. And this is what I was looking for, this is what seemed to work.

After several years of work both off Broadway and on – including his 1968 Broadway acting debut in the cast of Howard Sackler The great white hope – King created his own company, which he named Woodie King’s New Federal Theater, to honor the corps of theater artists formed under the Works Progress Administration of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

In his words, “I started the New Federal Theater after reading a lot about John Houseman and Orson Welles. We came of age after studying the great writers of our time, like Tennessee Williams. “

The theater’s first production in 1970 was the one-act play by Williams, Suddenly last summer. “I was in the multi-ethnic cast and I said, ‘It will really, really work with a Black Catherine. “Dr. Sugar was Asian. Tennessee Williams came over to see his last performance and said he liked it. I thought, ‘Dude, I wish he could see it from the start.’ “

The training King received in Detroit was amplified in the all-round cultural cauldrons with Joseph Papp and Handman, along with other visionaries including Ellen Stewart at La MaMa, Joe Cino at Caffe Cino, and Al Carmines at Judson Poets. Theater. Writers had their sea legs at the New Federal – at the time, it was located in the Henry Street Settlement on the Lower East Side of Manhattan – then moved on to the nonprofit Papp Public Theater or American Place, and even, on occasion, on Broadway itself.

When Papp introduced the world to a young Chinese-American writer in 1980 with GUSSET, by Hwang, King commissioned his second work, Dance and the railroad, which not only illuminated an unrecognized historical moment, but also made a John Lone star (The last emperor). Hwang would go on to write the Tony-winning Mr. Butterfly, and, more recently, the political musical Sweet power. He also became a leading figure in the American Theater Wing, the nonprofit group that founded and co-produced the Tony Awards.

“We were given a lot of freedom to create,” Hwang told me in a phone conversation. “Woodie led, he really gave us the space and let us do what we had to do. I think he came and saw passages and gave notes. What mattered was that he wasn’t only interested in black pieces.

The luminaries who have passed through the doors of the New Federal Theater, whether on stage or in its training programs, constitute a compendium of daring names: Chadwick Boseman, Debbie Allen, Morgan Freeman, Phylicia Rashad, Denzel Washington, LaTanya Richardson Jackson, Samuel L. Jackson, Issa Rae. It was at the New Federal that I saw for the first time André De Shields, a Tony winner for Hadestown, playing King Nebuchadnezzar in a crazy but oddly moving biblical prank by Lonnie Carter called Sovereign State of Boogedy Boogedy. And it was here that King edited the first version of For the colored girls who thought about suicide when the rainbow was over, by an unknown New Jersey poet and dancer who changed her name from Paulette Williams to Ntozake Shange.

I asked King how it happened.

“Her sister, Ifa Bayeza, worked at Henry Street Settlement and we had done a play of her called Drink waterKing remembers. “She told us that her sister had written things that would suit us and that I should go see them. They were developing it in a theater on East 3rd Street. And I went to see the coin and brought it to Henry Street. He had been stunned, he said, by the integration of Shange’s words, music and movement – by the musicality of the work, in particular.

“Have you ever seen Alvin Ailey Revelations? “He asked.” There is no difference. You feel the same, you feel the same when you hear Smokey Robinson, when you hear Sam Cooke. What is that thing? This thing that you hear is the spirituality in their voice or movement, the devil, the music.

“Watch The Temptations when David Ruffin was with them, there’s a spirituality, there’s a sound in his voice,” King continued, and now he’s on a roll, his reverberating baritone suddenly enlivening the glassware. It’s the musicality all around us, or rather through us, he said, “And when you do a play or you read that play, you can see it.

Never one to rest on his laurels, King is always impatient. He’s in production on an all-star cover of Paul Osborn Morning is at seven o’clock. The cast includes Lindsay Crouse, Alma Cuervo, Judith Ivey, Dan Lauria, Patty McCormack, Tony roberts, John Rubinstein, Keri Safran and Jonathan Spivey. The director is Dan Wackerman. The associate director is Elizabeth Van Dyke, King’s wife and successor to the artistic direction of the theater he founded half a century ago. And the circle is complete: the show will take place at the Theater at St. Clement’s on West 46th Street, the space where a Detroit transplant first made its mark.

“I wanted to create something where African Americans and women would work in this business,” King told me. “All I wanted was to introduce the pieces to a wider audience.

“And I would like to say that the New Federal Theater has a lot to do with it.”

Jeremy Gerard got his first pair of press tickets when A choir line opened at the Public Theater in New York in 1975. He has covered performing arts, politics, and human rights as an editor for the New York Times, New York magazine, Variety, Bloomberg News and other publications.

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Four people injured in shooting at Willowbrook LA Metro station

Four people were injured in a shooting at the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s Willowbrook / Rosa Parks station on Friday evening, authorities confirmed.

MPs responded at 7:41 p.m. to a call for a possible attack at the train station and found four people with apparently gunshot wounds, said Ramon Montenegro, spokesperson for the LA County Sheriff’s Department Transit Office.

Initially, MEPs listed three of the victims in critical condition and the fourth as non-critical, Montenegro said. All four are hospitalized, he said.

Investigators continued to examine evidence at the station, such as the video of the platform and the train, Montenegro said. Preliminary information suggests there are two or three suspects, he said.

More information on the shooting was not available on Friday evening.

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Witness says Taliban hanged dead body in main square in Afghan town: NPR

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) – A witness said on Saturday that the Taliban hung a corpse from a crane in the main square in the city of Herat, in western Afghanistan.

Wazir Ahmad Seddiqi, who runs a pharmacy on the side of the square, told The Associated Press that four bodies were brought to the square and three bodies were moved to other squares in the city for display.

Seddiqi said the Taliban announced in the plaza that the four men were caught participating in a kidnapping and were killed by police.

Mullah Nooruddin Turabi, one of the founders of the Taliban and chiefly responsible for their harsh interpretation of Islamic law when they last ruled Afghanistan, told The Associated Press this week that the pure movement and dur will again carry out executions and amputations of the hands. , but maybe not in public.

Since the Taliban invaded Kabul on August 15 and took control of the country, Afghans and the world have been watching to see if they will recreate their harsh rule of the late 1990s. The group’s leaders remain anchored in a vision of the deeply conservative and uncompromising world, even as they embrace technological changes, such as video and cell phones.

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Cricut Explorer Air 2

Cricut Explorer Air 2

Artisans, réjouissez-vous ! La machine de découpe culte Cricut Explore Air 2 est revenue à son prix le plus bas de 169 $ lorsque vous obtenez le coloris menthe. Cet outil pratique facilite tous vos projets avec la possibilité de couper plus de 100 types de matériaux différents, y compris le vinyle, le papier cartonné, le faux cuir, les feuilles adhésives, le papier spécial, le carton pour affiches et plus encore. De plus, il est livré avec une lame et un boîtier Cricut Premium Fine Point, un tapis de découpe adhésif à prise légère Cricut de 12 pouces sur 12 pouces, un stylo Cricut Black Fine Point, un accès au logiciel de conception de Cricut Design Space et deux semaines essai gratuit de Cricut Access.


Ring Video Doorbell 3 (171,99 $ avec le code CNNRING, à l’origine 179,99 $ ; dailysteals.com)

Ring Video Doorbell 3

Ring Video Doorbell 3

Gardez un œil sur votre porte d’entrée avec une Ring Video Doorbell 3, la nouvelle version de notre choix pour meilleure sonnette vidéo – de Daily Steals, disponible pour aussi peu que 171,99 $ lorsque vous utilisez le code exclusif à Underscored CNNRING. Ces appareils vous permettent de voir qui frappe via l’application Ring, qui fournit un flux en direct, des notifications de détection de mouvement, une communication bidirectionnelle et plus encore.


Vêtements de montagne

Vêtements de montagne
Vêtements de montagne

Vêtements de montagne

Prêt pour votre prochaine aventure ? Mountain Hardwear est prêt à vous fournir tout l’équipement dont vous avez besoin avec ses promotions et exclusivités Web actuelles. Les vêtements conçus pour le camping, la randonnée et d’autres excursions en plein air sont désormais jusqu’à 65% de réduction lorsque vous utilisez le code MHWSEP65. Des doudounes, des pulls et d’autres basiques pour temps froid sont inclus dans le mélange, alors accrochez l’essentiel pendant que vous le pouvez.





La dernière vente à l’échelle du site de Reebok est maintenant à temps pour une nouvelle saison, ce qui signifie des démarques sur plus d’un millier d’articles. Utilisez FAMILY pour bénéficier de 40 % de réduction sur les styles à prix plein et de 50 % de réduction sur les démarques, y compris une large gamme de baskets et des tonnes de vêtements de sport et d’accessoires. Grâce à ces économies, vous pouvez vous permettre d’atteindre vos objectifs de remise en forme d’automne avec style.


Cricut Maker (245,99 $, à l’origine 399 $; amazon.com)

Artisans, réjouissez-vous ! Une machine de découpe Cricut pratique est en vente maintenant. Le Cricut Maker est l’outil d’art et d’artisanat ultime, et il est actuellement revenu au prix le plus bas que nous ayons vu à 245,99 $. C’est vrai : économisez 150 $ sur la machine extrêmement polyvalente qui peut couper des centaines de matériaux différents, facilitant ainsi les projets d’artisanat à domicile comme les masques faciaux ou les jeux pour les enfants.

Pour plus d’offres, consultez Coupons CNN.

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