Bitcoin and Ethereum fluctuate, Altcoins reduce earnings

The price of Bitcoin is showing positive signs above the support levels of $ 39,200 and $ 39,000. BTC is currently in a consolidation phase (12:27 UTC) and could once…

Guide to the liquidity pool token

DeFi is not an uncommon term in today’s financial system due to its increasing impacts on the financial market. It provides solutions to the limits of traditional finance. It encourages…

Vitalik Buterin: Ethereum – Can it go beyond DeFi?

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“Congressman Says Helicopter Money Kills US Dollar, CBDC May Be The Solution.” Hopefully this will happen and for that Ethereum is the most production ready blockchain to support.

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The BEST is Yet to Come: Seventh Burn Recap

Read this article in German, French, Spanish, Turkish, Italian or Polish. The seventh BEST token burn just ended and we burned 15,812,733 BEST, which is equivalent to € 10,047,410. Read…

Avantages du trading, de l’investissement et de l’achat de crypto-monnaie

Bien que la crypto-monnaie soit un phénomène relativement nouveau pour la société moderne (elle n’a qu’un peu plus de 10 ans), elle a déjà un impact sur l’économie mondiale. De…

Elon Musk hints Tesla owns around 42,000 Bitcoin

Tesla CEO Elon Musk hinted at how many bitcoin Tesla owns after revealing that the fair market value of its bitcoin holdings was $ 1.47 billion as of June 30.…

Ethereum price tries to mimic BTC but fails to hit its momentum

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EIP-3675: Consensus Upgrade to Proof of Stake Merge!

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Here’s how Ethereum Founder’s $ 1 billion Shiba Inu COVID Aid Donation is Spent

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