The difference between real change and marketing

As cryptocurrency increasingly becomes part of public consciousness, the discourse on the environmental impact of mining has become more intense. On the one hand, the uniqueness of cryptocurrency by some…

With its latest update, Metamask now supports transactions with Optimism

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The Heart of Due Diligence – Git visualization of how over 100 audit reports were created.

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Softbank invests in bullish futures, Bank Of America and Bitcoin + More news

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LBank Recruits Global Elites To Share Crypto Growth Dividends

Disclaimer: The text below is a press release which was not prepared by Internet City, Dubai – As an innovative global trading platform for various crypto assets, founded in…

BTC, ETH and other cryptocurrencies create mobility and equality of wealth, Coinbase CEO contradicts the creator of Dogecoin

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Are you ready for the 4th industrial revolution? This interview with Cryptokang could help you in your quest!

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How quickly baseFeePerGas changes in EIP-1559 (gSheet and charts)

Twitter feed: How fast baseFeePerGas changes in EIP-1559 I was asked how fast the EIP-1559 baseFeePerGas goes up / down, and I didn’t know of any accessible resource. Do it…

How does Argent protect higher value NFTs?

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Blinded by prejudice – The daily Gwei # 292

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