Bitcoin miners secure nuclear deals, ShapeShifting + Airdrop More news

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Ojamu uses AI to predict digital marketing strategies

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European Central Bank speeds up digital euro investigation phase, how it could affect crypto

European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde took to Twitter earlier to announce that the European Central Bank has decided to advance the investigation phase into the digital euro currency. The…

Donate up to $ 6,000

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In Q2 2021, Ethereum settled $ 2.5 trillion in transactions, allowing us to settle $ 8 trillion in 2021

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Dawn of the Layer 2 Era – The Gwei Daily # 290

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Valid points: the problem with MEV on Ethereum

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Ethereum ETF Approved In Brazil Raises Chances Of ETH Price To Rise

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Meet Olympus – A Token Born of Legends and Fit for the Gods

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South Korean regulator analyzing 578 cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin regulation news

South Korea is deliberating on four crypto-related bills for the regulation of cryptocurrencies. “We are currently carrying out preparatory work by researching and analyzing data on 578 coins of different…