Government needs the ability to reverse transactions

As blockchain technology becomes more applicable to businesses and its uses continue to grow, investors are curious about how the United States will regulate crypto. Influencers at the highest levels…

There are now twice as many ‘Bitcoin deaths’ in 2021 compared to the 2020 BTC obituary list

Bitcoin has lost 45% of its value since the all-time high in crypto assets (ATH) three months ago and the downward movement has sparked significant speculation in another bear market.…

Robinhood Sucks $ 70 Million Penalty for “Material Damage”

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Valid Points: How Ethereum Miners Prepare for EIP 1559 and Merger

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Monero is a great gift for birthdays

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TeraBlock to Use Binance Cloud to Solve Liquidity Issues and Strengthen Platform Security

TeraBlock, an automated crypto exchange, has partnered with Binance Cloud to make crypto trading hassle-free on its platform. Commenting on their partnership with Binance Cloud, Shivam Tandon, CEO of TeraBlock,…

Creation of an unofficial widget via Widgy on iOS because I was sick of waiting

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Blocknative releases Mempool Explorer v1.2.4

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LedgerX just added support for Ethereum options

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I think it could be a solution to link my crypto assets across different chains. What do you think and are there other effective cross-chain solutions that you use to move your crypto assets from one channel to another?

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