This is the time when we should not waste the opportunity to buy and stake XKI Coingecko: Ki Foundation Proposed by / u / cryptonaute21 [comments] Source link

Bitcoin Whales accumulates 60k BTC in 2021 daily high peak: CryptoCurrency

tldr; Bitcoin whales holding between 100 and 10,000 BTC accumulated 60,000 more coins in the largest daily accumulation of 2021. The accumulation of 60,000 BTC also coincided with the BTC…

Ethereum Is One Step Closer To Completing Ethereum 2.0 : CryptoCurrency

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Vietnam’s Prime Minister has asked the State Bank of Vietnam to pilot cryptocurrency implementation from 2021 until 2023 : CryptoCurrency

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Coinbase has hired an army of support staff to keep customers happy

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Angola raises benchmark interest rate as central bank tries to contain rising inflation

Angola’s central bank’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) recently raised the country’s benchmark interest rate from 15.5% to a record 20%. The largely unexpected hike, which is one of the National…

This is the project to discover!

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Banksters get angry: Bitcoin

A community dedicated to Bitcoin, the Internet currency. Bitcoin is a distributed, global and decentralized digital currency. Bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority: there is no government,…

Stable coins are a lot in the news right now. This is a good analysis of all C-level employees at Tether and its Bank Deltec. Very good watch.

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Seraphis transaction protocol (concept): Monero

u / dEBRUYNE_1 asked me to do a reddit post about it. Seraphis is a new transaction protocol in the CryptoNote tradition (analogous to RingCT, Triptych, etc.). An overview of…