Congressional hearing on crypto currently underway. Mostly the same old baby boomers with the same old attacks. Bad crypto, good equity. Why are they turning off comments and live chat, what are they afraid of? : Cryptocurrency

When will we have a congressional hearing on the housing disaster? With each passing day, the dreams of the middle class of owning a home become more and more impossible.…

Bitcoin is like playing the lottery? This congressman thinks so

The US Congressional Oversight and Investigation Subcommittee held a hybrid hearing on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. The institution called Alexis Goldstein, director of financial policy at the Open Market Institute, Sarah…

Ethereum is practically a Superset of Bitcoin : ethereum

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First Whole Ethereum Coin with today’s purchase! Let’s go ? : ethereum

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30/6 Price Analysis: BTC, ETH, BNB, ADA, DOGE, XRP, DOT, UNI, BCH, LTC

Bitcoin and altcoins are seeing broad resistance levels selling close to major ones, but a slight pullback may suggest a further rise is in store. Source link

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong Says the Company Has the Opportunity to Follow Apple by Creating an App Store for Cryptocurrency: CryptoCurrency

Oh you mean you don’t like to use a ledger, record your start phrase on a metal plate with a stamping kit and split it over two different bank vaults,…

Bitcoin application issued by the State of El Salvador will have B2B and B2C versions

Source: Adobe / momius Bitcoin (BTC) is expected to be enacted as legal tender in El Salvador in a few weeks, and the government is moving forward with building the…

TITAN is not dead !!

It took a beating on the price and bad press but it’s not dead! For about $ 1, you can get almost 1,000,000 TITAN! Just like buying a lottery ticket.…

Robinhood slapped on the wrist for regulatory violation: don’t use Robinhood for crypto!

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Blockware Mining Raises $ 25 Million – Company Seeks to Make “US Hashrate More Competitive Globally” – Mining Bitcoin News

North American bitcoin mining Blockware Mining announced on Wednesday that the company had completed a $ 25 million investment round. According to the company, Blockware Mining aims to leverage the…