Crypto Scam: Hackers Steal $ 2 Million From Monero With New Gamer Malware

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Cardano (ADA) Staking Has Reached More Than 650k Addresses : CryptoCurrency

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Beeple explains how and why he raised $ 3.5 million

Mike Winkelmann, the digital artist also known as Beeple who has been making a work of art every day for over 13 years, talks about the NFT auctions he held…

Crypto Savings Rates Are 10 Times Higher Than High Street, But Is It For You?

Source: Adobe / splitov27 Matthew Shillito, Senior Lecturer in Law, University of Liverpool.____ Major crypto banks like BlockFi and Nexo are getting a lot of attention. Customers can earn an…

Why Some Traders Don’t Care About USD Prices

There are always two elements in the price of each altcoin. One is the specific characteristics of the coin: fundamentals, investor sentiment towards the asset, liquidity and trading volume, among…

Jay Z / Shawn Carter is now verified on OpenSea and owns hov.eth with reverse resolution configured

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There are sellers that you have no excuse not to buy! 22JM9PqG4fU4UGC1ZJg85JcAwPWYcu9bC4nXENNrzw4gh8njveMCWCTjm5eDYzAPTFJETbX2RqC8XGjXfoex1WyM6XVdrLp 22JM9PqG4fU4UGC1ZJg85JcAwPWYcu9bC4nXENNrzw4gh8njveMCWCTjm5eDYzAPTFJETbX2RqC8XGjXfoex1WyM6XVdrLp Proposed by / u / lucoski88 [comments] Source link

McAfee’s most memorable moment in cryptocurrency history. : Monero

I will always respect him, he has stood up against the government countless times so they decided to smear his name by saying he is a serial killer / drug…

Palestinians Ponder Digital Currency as Move for Monetary Independence : CryptoCurrency

It won’t take more than a few weeks until we hear about the first big scam and the poor are even poorer. Arafat had hundreds of millions, the boss of…

Laura’s 2020 Christmas AMA: Your Crypto Media Questions and More

For the holidays, I do two AMAs. In this first of two, I cover: how is my book tips for budding podcasters what it’s like to be a freelance journalist…