Samsung’s latest high-resolution monitors go all-in-one on HDR

Samsung has launched its line of high-resolution monitors for business and consumers, and this year all 12 support HDR. The flagship S8 line includes two 27-inch models (S80A and S80UA)…

Dyson’s new air purifier shows how much formaldehyde it’s trying to destroy

It’s been almost a year and a half since Dyson launched its anti-formaldehyde program Pure cryptomics air purifiers, and now the company is back with an upgrade. The new Dyson…

85% of all smartphones are powered by Linux: gadgets

I just want to jump in for a moment. What you call Linux is actually GNU / Linux, or as I recently called it, GNU plus Linux. Linux is not…

Half the country is now considering the right to fix laws: gadgets

Don’t forget the cars! Don’t believe the bullshit about electric cars that are dangerous to work on. All the power cables you need to worry about are bright orange and…

Electromagnetic screens (EWD), a viable non-emissive alternative to eink (EPD) and RLCD – First release in summer 2021

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Qualcomm to offer custom processors for laptops next year: gadgets

I used to work at Qualcomm as a processor design engineer, Qualcomm laid off their custom processor team that made the best Android ARM processors to hunt Apple processors. And…

Logitech’s first “in-ear monitors” for gaming cost $ 50 | Engadget

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Apple AR motion controllers can detect fingers without covering the hand: gadgets

I understand what you are saying, and worse yet, I 100% agree, but just reading your review made me realize that this is exactly the same statement as when touchscreens…

Redmi X TVs launched in India: 4K HDR and more for less than Rs 35,000 (482 USD)

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OnePlus Watch pre-orders kick off, suspected render leaks

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