Biden poll numbers plunge, increase Democrats’ mid-term worries

President Joe Biden’s plummeting poll numbers amid the disastrous Afghan troop withdrawal have added to Democrats’ concerns over next year’s midterm elections. Two new surveys released on Tuesday indicated the impact of the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan on …

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Biden moves nearly 1,000 people an hour out of Afghanistan

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The first major candidate declares himself for a new district in Colorado that does not yet exist

A pediatrician who would be the first Latina to represent Colorado in Congress, Caraveo says she is “confident” the new 8 will include her hometown of Thornton, although she says she doesn’t know what her plans will be if not. not the case. (House members don’t have to live in the districts they represent.) But if she ends up sticking to her campaign, the juicy temptation of an open seat ensures she’ll have company. .

Campaign action

For starters, former State Representative Joe Salazar, who represented Caraveo’s seat in the State Chamber, also says, considering an offer, although he also spoke about it a potential main challenge for Democratic Senator Michael Bennet. However, one Democrat who was weighing a bid, State Senator Faith Winter, withdrew from the race endorsing Caraveo, citing the historic nature of her candidacy and her medical history.

Many Republicans could be in the mix as well, but it’s less clear who actually expressed interest compared to who got their name evoked by the proverbial Great Mentioner. That will change, however, as the 8th arrondissement gets closer to reality.


GA-Sen: Former NFL star Herschel Walker, who has been very critical of his political plans, documents filed to create a campaign committee with the FEC on Tuesday, and the Atlanta Journal-Constitutionby Greg Bluestein reports that an “official announcement is expected in a few days”. Walker himself, however, still has not commented publicly and as of Tuesday afternoon had said nothing about his intentions. on his Twitter account.


FL-Gov, FL-Sen: A new poll for the progressive group Future Majority finds tight races in the marquee contests that will be on the Florida ballot next year, but the Republicans retain the advantage in both. The survey, from Change Research, has Gov. Ron DeSantis ahead of his main Democratic opponents by nearly identical margins, giving him a 49-45 lead over Rep. Charlie Crist and a similar 49-44 advantage over Secretary of State Agriculture Nikki Fried. Meanwhile, Senator Marco Rubio leads 47-44 over Democratic Rep. Val Demings. Polls in both races have been very limited, but those numbers are on the more optimistic side for Democrats compared to the few we’ve seen so far.

VA-Govt: In addition to its survey in Florida (see just above), Future Majority published an additional survey Change Research report of this fall Virginia gubernatorial race that finds Democrat Terry McAuliffe leading Republican Glenn Youngkin 47-44. Youngkin never directed in any published poll of the competition.


FL-20: Businesswoman Sheila Cherfilus-McCormick Presents Two New TV Commercials before the Democratic primary on November 2. The spots don’t appear to be available online, but according to Florida Politics’ descriptions, they both play on his progressive good faith, with the former touting his support for a path to citizenship for undocumented migrants and the latter speaking out. in favor of repealing the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits the use of federal funds to pay for abortions in almost all cases.

The Cherfilus-McCormick with deep pockets, which self-funded $ 2 million to his campaign in the last quarter of fundraising, would spend $ 400,000 to run these ads.

IA-02: State Rep. Christina bohannan launched an offer against Republican first-year Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks on Tuesday, giving Democrats their first high-profile challenger in Iowa’s 2nd Congressional District. Bohannan, professor of law, won his seat in the legislature last year in upheaval, defeating 20-year-old incumbent Vicki Lensing by a wide margin of 66-34 in the primary after arguing that the district needed a more progressive and aggressive defender.

Miller-Meeks, meanwhile, won an open-seat race last year by just 6 votes against Democrat Rita Hart as Donald Trump was carrying the 2nd District of Southeast Iowa 51-47. While Hart has yet to say whether she might seek a rematch, an anonymous former campaign aide tell it Schedules of the four cities that his former boss has “no intention” to run, according to the newspaper’s formulation.

While Iowa’s 2nd has generally been a playing field, the GOP’s full control over the state government gives lawmakers the opportunity to draw more friendly lines for Miller-Meeks next year. Under state law, a non-partisan agency offers cards to the legislature, but while lawmakers have consistently passed them in previous decades when government control was divided, Republicans can now simply reject the agency’s proposals and implement their own gerrymanders.

IL-13: Former administration official Biden Nikki Budzinski, who allegedly prepared a race, launched a campaign against Republican Rodney Davis on Tuesday. Budzinski is politically well connected: she recently resigned as Chief of Staff in the Office of Management and Budget and prior to that was Senior Advisor to Governor JB Pritzker. She also has a long history in the labor movement and managed worker outreach for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Budzinski joins a main field that already includes financial planner David Palmer. The bigger question, however, is how Democrats in the Legislature are going to redraw the vibrant 13th District, which could be noticeably bluer.

TX-23: Businessman Raul Reyes, who narrowly lost last year’s Republican primary in Texas’ 23rd Congressional District, says he’s considering revenge with the ultimate winner of this race, representative Tony Gonzales. In a statement, Reyes complained about Gonzales’ various apostasies, including his vote for a commission to investigate the Jan. 6 uprising on Capitol Hill, and accused the congressman of “the number one priority is to help illegal aliens to enter the country ”.

Gonzales had the backing of Donald Trump and was the party establishment favorite, but the unpopular Reyes made it a run in part thanks to the support of Ted Cruz. Gonzalez ended up winning by only 45 votes in a second round after leader 28-23 in the first ballot (strangely, Reyes said in his statement that he “was within seven votes” of victory, even if official results confirm the margin of 45 votes). But because Reyes pursued a recount, the outcome was not final up to five weeks later, hampering Gonzales’ finances.

Despite the protracted nomination battle, Gonzales ended up winning over Democrat Gina Ortiz Jones 51-47, helped by a significant shift to the right among Latino voters. A notable Democrat, Navy veteran John Lira, has announced an offer for this sprawling rural district that stretches along the Mexican border from San Antonio in the west to the El Paso region, though Republican state lawmakers are likely to try to make it redder next year.


Atlanta, Georgia: Lawyer Sharon Gay presents what appears to be anyone’s first TV commercial before the crowded non-partisan November primary, and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that the purchase size is $ 300,000.

The Spot stars a neighborhood leader named David Patton, which describes how the Perry Homes housing project was once “full of violent and drug crimes.” He then praises Gay for helping to build a new community called the West Highlands in his stead, which has brought down crime. “At the heart of it all, Sharon was fighting inequality,” Patton said, adding, “She demanded affordable housing for people and a real investment in the neighborhood.”

Mayor of Boston, MA: City councilor Annissa Essaibi George has published an internal Change Research poll, which is the first poll we’ve seen from this race in almost two months, which shows that she is fighting for the important second place in the non-partisan primary on September 14.

City Councilor Michelle Wu takes a solid first place with 27%, while Essaibi George and interim mayor Kim Janey are deadlocked 15-15 for second place in the November general election. Another city council member, Andrea Campbell, is at 10%, while former city cabinet member John Barros brings up the rear with 5%.

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Biden approves disaster assistance for California wildfires

President Biden on Tuesday approved California’s request for a presidential declaration on major disasters, a move that provides federal assistance to four counties devastated by the Dixie and River fires.

The statement can provide grants for temporary housing, home repairs, low-cost loans to cover losses of uninsured property, and other programs to help individuals and business owners recover, according to a White House press release.

Federal funding has also been made available to eligible state, tribal and local governments and certain private non-profit organizations on a cost-sharing basis for emergency protection measures in Lassen Counties, Nevada, Place and Plumas.

Eight counties in total were listed in Gov. Gavin Newsom’s request on Monday, however his office said in a press release the next day that more flames – including the Caldor’s fire – could be added once the ongoing damage assessments have been completed.

“California appreciates President Biden’s early approval of our request and the ongoing work of our heroic firefighters and emergency responders to protect communities in Northern California,” Newsom said in a statement. .

To help bring evacuated residents back to their homes, the state has already started removing hazardous household waste from fires in several counties, the first step in returning damaged properties to their owners, the governor’s office said. Teams also assessed the damage so that the state could maximize its requests for federal aid.

California leaders are no strangers to asking the White House for help after disasters. Last fall, a similar request sent to the Trump administration was refused but quickly reversed after former President Donald J. Trump spoke with Mr. Newsom, a Democrat, and Representative Kevin McCarthy, a Republican and the House Minority Leader.

At least 11 large fires in California continue to strain the firefighting resources of the state and its residents. The Dixie fire, the second largest on record in California, burned 735,000 acres in the upstate, New York Times wildfire tracker says. It is 43 percent contained. The Caldor fire, near Sacramento, became the priority of firefighters and officials after burning over 120,000 acres in 10 days. Other fires, including the McFarland and Monument fires, also remain active.

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Julián Castro on Texas and the fight for masks and vaccines in schools

As the COVID situation continues to worsen across the country, particularly in red states like Texas and Florida, GOP leaders are retreating and refusing to adopt mask or vaccination policies, putting millions of lives at risk. Eleveld had this to say about what she sees as Republicans’ political strategy:

[DeSantis and Abbott] claimed “liberty and individual liberty at all costs” … when they run for president of the GOP, come out and say: “I have always been for personal freedom and I have never given up on that – I didn ‘never took my foot off the pedal.’ Sadly, in both of their states, COVID cases have just exploded and I think they’ve gotten into a corner that they can’t get out of.

DeSantis, in particular, has gone to war with any school or local official who has attempted to impose masking or vaccines in any way. It has banned local mask warrants, and just recently its handpicked education council said it would punish two Florida counties that implemented universal masking at school by tying up teachers’ salaries. .

Moulitsas has called the absurdity of punishing schools for trying to keep their students safe and doesn’t think this is popular with Americans in general. “I feel like I’ve seen public opinion become more and more agitated and entrenched against anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers,” Eleveld agreed.

She followed up with a notable statistic from a recent poll of a Ipsos / USA Today Poll on these issues, which found that 70% agree that individuals have the right to choose not to be vaccinated, but they do not have the right to be near those vaccinated. “Those 70% are basically saying, of course, if you don’t want to vaccinate, of course you do. But guess what? You cannot be around me and other people who have acted responsibly, not only to help our health, but also to help the health of the community as we try to come back to life, ”she added. .

Moulitsas thinks it’s time to start enacting stricter vaccination rules:

[We need to] start to make it hard not to get vaccinated, make it uncomfortable… if you go to my supermarket, my airports, museums, etc. anywhere I need to be because I need to interact with society. I don’t think that’s a big demand, especially for the kind of crowd that insists they aren’t going to get the shot because they don’t know what’s in the shot, but they’re gonna stuff themselves with horse dewormer and Clorox — they’ve got no problem with that. But they are so ideologically opposed to the vaccine, yet they are still clearly afraid of the virus itself. It kills people, it kills their communities. It’s galloping. So now they are looking for the alternative which is not the vaccine, because that would admit that they were wrong all the time? Is that what we got to?

“I will never understand why [wearing masks] has become such a cultural flashpoint, ”he added.

“What’s amazing is how desperate a loud, vocal, vocal fringe of the GOP base is to get people to lie to them,” Eleveld said, recalling a recent Trump rally where the former president mentioned that the vaccines worked. “He didn’t even fully approve the vaccine; he just said, “I got the shot,” and they all booed each other. They don’t want to hear that vaccines work, not even from Donald Trump! … This segment, and this is a fairly large segment of the Republican Party, desperately wants to be lied to.

Moulitsas and Eleveld expressed frustration and concern that children under 12 in schools have now become pawns in this political game. Since they do not have the choice of being vaccinated, the only protection they have is universal masking. “[Mandatory masking] is their last line of defense, ”ranted Eleveld. “And that’s what these depraved GOP governors want to take away from them.”

Castro joined the show at this point to offer his take on the COVID situation in Texas and how he believes Democrats can continue to expand their connection with communities of color in the state.

As the COVID crisis only worsens across Texas, Castro believes the horrific response to the pandemic has accelerated a Republican Party exodus that had already started over the past decade, noting that “there is a lot of people leaving the Republican Party in Texas. They were already leaving – Trump only won the state by 5.5 points. I say “only” because Obama lost the state by 16 points in 2012, so these guys fully display their failures.

Biden also provided the kind of leadership during the COVID crisis the country so badly needed during the Trump years, and while 2022 is likely a tough election cycle for Democrats, Castro believes there is hope:

You would think that if there was a cycle where Americans could reverse this trend, that would be where we saw the COVID calamity under Donald Trump, and how Joe Biden came in and cleaned up this mess – and provided more of skill, more results, gunshots, people returning to work. The kind of government where, even though people don’t necessarily like government, they recognize that it takes a government that knows what it’s doing, that is efficient, that is competent, and that can walk and chew gum. -gum at the same time. Biden is delivering it, so maybe we can turn that trend around in 2022, here in Texas and nationally as well.

The trend is clear, admitted Moulitsas. He asked, “What do we need to do to shut down that last five percent, and do you see anything in the census data that might indicate what that might look like?” “

Castro replied:

Texas is growing like crazy… the most fascinating statistic in the articles was that for the new growth it was about 95% people of color. It was one thing. Second, for people under the age of 18 – so basically children, Latinxes – already make up 48.5% of that group. And the African American community, the Asian American community is also growing. The two native Texans… but also a lot of people from other states who expect a more robust, more efficient, more honest, less corrupt government – all of that, I think, is changing the world. State.

Demographics, as people have pointed out, are not necessarily fate. However, there is a very clear trend, and what Democrats need to bridge that gap is organize, organize, organize. Don’t give up on anyone, but also bring in people who haven’t always been in the fold. Don’t take communities of color for granted just because they voted Democrat… but I’m confident we can do it here.

The rapidly changing demographics of Texas, as we saw through the 2020 census, are in part due to the political priorities put forward by Republican leaders who increasingly seek to raise more money from the companies, especially in the tech industry.

Under Greg Abbott, the state threw billions and billions of dollars at tech companies and other corporations that relocated their US or world headquarters to Texas. “They’re not bringing in Idaho, they’re bringing in the Bay Area,” Markos joked.

This complicates the political strategy of the Texas GOP, Castro explained:

This brings in a lot of people who are not from Texas. And that brings a lot of people with different policies to where the state is. And so, in that sense, you’re right that they are the victims of what you would call their success in getting these companies with low taxes and low regulation, and so on. Alright, they’re coming. And what they do is vote with people like Colin Allred and Lizzy Fletcher in the Dallas suburbs and the Houston suburbs.

However, voter suppression efforts could complicate this. “On the redistribution, [Texas Republican leadership is] are going to be as partisan as they can be. They’re going to try to get as far as they can to try to maximize the Republican seat count, even though 95% of that growth in Texas was people of color – 65% Latinos – they’ll try to overturn that. “, noted Castro.

Texas has eluded the reach of Democrats for years, although it appears to be on the line. But Castro remains optimistic about the state’s overthrow, stressing the importance of making Texas an example for other states that could also turn blue in the next election cycles:

We’re really on the verge of when that state tips over – and it’s going to tip over, and you can tell – when it tips over, instead of being in many ways a bad example, think about the power of a good example. the state is actually going to be someday. And that’s what I’m trying to hold onto and keep thinking about, even though we have to deal with all these people trying to push us back.

You can watch the full episode here:

The brief Also broadcasts as a podcast on the following platforms:

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Cheers et huées : mercredi

Sampson a comparé l’exigence du vaccin COVID aux expériences menées par des médecins nazis sur les Juifs pendant l’Holocauste et a comparé le gouverneur à Josef Mengele, le soi-disant Ange de la mort, ou Joseph Goebbels, un acolyte d’Adolf Hitler.

L’Anti-Defamation League a qualifié la comparaison d'”offensive, ignorante et incomparable aux événements qui ont eu lieu pendant l’Holocauste”.

Malheureusement, ce n’est pas la première fois que je dois dire ceci : au nom de l’État de Maine Je m’excuse, Amérique, pour l’ignorance volontaire d’un autre républicain de notre grand État. Nous promettons de travailler sans relâche pour ramener son cerveau dans sa tête. Dès que nous pouvons le trouver.

Et maintenant, notre présentation de fonctionnalité…

Bravo et railleries pour Mercredi 25 août 2021

Noter: Pourquoi le club de tricot n’a-t-il jamais produit de chapeaux, de mitaines, de pulls ou d’écharpes ? Parce qu’ils étaient trop occupés à tisser des fils. (Ceci conclut la brève et tragique carrière de Bill à Portland dans le Maine. Merci et bonne nuit.)

En chiffres :

17 jours!!!

Jours jusqu’au début du week-end de la fête du Travail : 9

Jours jusqu’au Gettysburg Fête du vin et de la musique dans Pennsylvanie: 17

Pourcentage de Géorgiens de plus de 18 ans qui sont désormais inscrits sur les listes électorales : 95%

Pourcentage de chances que les responsables républicains de Géorgie puissent désormais annuler les résultats des élections même si tous ces électeurs inscrits votent pour le démocrate : 100%

Classement d’une publication anti-vaxxer parmi les publications les plus partagées sur Facebook au premier trimestre 2021 : #1

Partie de nous ménages qui a acquis un chien ou un chat pendant la pandémie : 1 sur 5

Année au cours de laquelle le batteur Charlie Watts, décédé cette semaine à 80 ans, a rejoint les Rolling Stones : 1963

Milieu de la semaine Indice d’enlèvement: 178 (y compris 5 violations des normes morales et 1 « Couverture de miracles » pour aller avec votre MyPillow). La lotion Soul Protection Factor 30 est recommandée si vous vous promenez parmi les païens aujourd’hui.

Photo du chiot du jour : A l’Hôtel Monaco à Denver, son Le temps des chiots et du Prosecco…

TCHIN TCHIN à envoyer Spook #1. Je vérifie juste ma carte de bingo sur le retrait de l’Afghanistan ici et… non, je ne vois pas de carré marqué « Le directeur de la CIA rencontre secrètement le chef des talibans à Acceptation“. Mais c’est ce qui s’est passé lundi alors que les États-Unis d’arrogance continuaient de se frayer un chemin hors du pays que nous avons appelé chez-soi loin de chez soi pendant 20 ans. Et de quoi ont-ils discuté? Je ne sais pas, mais voici un peu de contexte de CBS News:

[Abdul Ghani] Baradar, un responsable taliban de longue date, a été arrêté par la CIA dans le cadre d’une opération conjointe avec Pakistanservice de renseignement de en 2010 à Karachi. Il est devenu libre en 2018 après la nous a fait pression pour sa libération tout en entamant des pourparlers avec les talibans. Le Washington Post a rapporté pour la première fois la rencontre de lundi avec [CIA director William] Brûle.[…]

Mémo à mon service graphique : mauvais Burns.

Burns est le premier diplomate de carrière à diriger la CIA, ayant été secrétaire d’État adjoint de 2011 à 2014 après avoir passé plus de trois décennies au département d’État. Dans ses mémoires, “The Back Channel”, il décrit les entretiens bilatéraux secrets qu’il a menés avec L’Iran pendant l’administration Obama aux côtés de Jake Sullivan, aujourd’hui conseiller à la sécurité nationale du président Biden. Les pourparlers ont finalement ouvert la voie à l’accord nucléaire avec Téhéran.

Quant à savoir quelles informations Baradar et Burns ont échangées qui, si elles étaient rendues publiques, pourraient sauver d’innombrables vies et rendre la transition plus fluide et plus sûre ? Ils ne disent pas. Comme c’est la pratique habituelle de nos jours, ils attendront de le révéler dans leurs futurs livres révélateurs.

TCHIN TCHIN au baptême sous Feu l’eau. Avec l’ouragan Henri enfin dans le rétroviseur et le atlantique momentanément calme, cela semble être le bon moment pour donner un coup de pied aux pneus et vérifier derrière les oreilles du directeur de la FEMA de Joe Biden, qui a été confirmé en avril. Et voilà, il apparaît Deanne Criswell—Le premier chef FEMAle de la FEMA (voyez ce que j’ai fait là-bas ?)—semble à la hauteur :

» A servi en tant que commissaire du département de gestion des urgences de la ville de New York de 2019 à 2021, gérant la réponse de la ville aux urgences, notamment la chaleur estivale extrême, les grands incendies et les pannes de courant, y compris les pannes d’électricité à l’ouest de Manhattan et dans le sud de Brooklyn en juillet 2019.

L’administratrice de la FEMA, Deanne Criswell, au travail.

» A dirigé la coordination de la réponse de New York à la pandémie de COVID-19, empêchant l’effondrement du système de santé, s’assurant qu’aucun New-Yorkais n’ait faim, établissant un premier programme d’hébergement sans rassemblement et soutenant le plus grand programme de décès de masse du pays .

» A servi à la FEMA en tant que chef de l’une des équipes nationales d’assistance à la gestion des incidents de l’Agence en tant que principal représentant fédéral responsable de la réponse aux catastrophes, de graves inondations dans Dakota du nord aux ouragans dans Caroline du Sud aux incendies dans Colorado.

Carte actuelle des ouragans. Les X jaunes ne sont que des pets de baleine.

» Membre de Colorado Air National Guard de 1992 à 2013, atteignant le grade de sergent-chef supérieur.

» A servi 21 ans en tant que pompier et chef adjoint des pompiers.

» BS de Colorado État UniversitéFort-Collins, AMP de Université de ColoradoDenver, MME de la marine De troisième cycle L’école, Centre pour la défense et la sécurité intérieures.

Mais le signe le plus prometteur qu’elle pourrait en fait être une directrice compétente de la FEMA : absolument aucune affiliation avec le Association du cheval arabe. Travail Heckuva, Deanne. Comme, pour de vrai.

TCHIN TCHIN à jeter les clochards. Neuf semaines après le jour J, le 25 août 1944, Paris a été libéré par les Alliés pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale. Cependant, dans son célèbre discours de libération Charles de Gaulle à peine mentionné l’Amérique ou ses autres alliés. Gee, merci beaucoup. (Mais s’il vous plaît, ne le rappelez pas aux républicains du Congrès ou ils essaieront de changer le menu de la cafétéria en frites de la liberté.)




TCHIN TCHIN à aimer l’odeur des barreaux de prison le matin. Bien foutu…

Le leader des Proud Boys d’extrême droite a été condamné lundi à plus de cinq mois de prison après avoir admis qu’il avait brûlé une bannière Black Lives Matter prise dans une église noire historique à Washington lors d’une manifestation pro-Trump en décembre. […]

MIAMI, FLORIDE - 25 MAI: Enrique Tarrio (C), chef des Proud Boys, utilise un mégaphone tout en contre-manifestant des personnes rassemblées au Torch of Friendship pour commémorer le premier anniversaire du meurtre de George Floyd le 25 mai 2021 à Miami, en Floride.  M. Tarrio a dirigé un groupe dans la région pour exprimer son soutien aux policiers.  Le meurtre de Floyd par le policier de Minneapolis Derek Chauvin a déclenché une protestation mondiale et continue de stimuler le mouvement Black Lives Matter.  (Photo de Joe Raedle/Getty Images)
Cet idiot.

[Henry “Enrique”] Tarrio, 37 ans, de Miami, a également plaidé coupable d’avoir tenté de posséder un chargeur d’armes à feu de grande capacité, ce qui est illégal dans Washington. Les enquêteurs ont déclaré qu’il avait les magazines avec lui à son retour dans la ville pour les manifestations du 6 janvier contre le décompte des voix au Congrès.

Bon sang, c’est dommage, n’a dit personne.

TCHIN TCHIN aux esprits magnifiquement déformés. Joyeux anniversaire au réalisateur Tim Burton, qui fête ses 63 ans aujourd’hui. Ed Bois et jus de scarabée restent deux de nos favoris de tous les temps, mais la plupart de ses films sont des exploits d’imagination qui dépassent l’esprit de Billy, même si le tout ne fait pas tout à fait raison (voir Willy Wonka et Dumbo). Mais si j’étais bloqué sur la proverbiale île déserte et que je ne pouvais avoir qu’un seul Burton DVD, ce ne serait pas un concours—Attaques de Mars !

Et ça vient juste de sortir : 33 ans après avoir fait l’original, apparemment le gang se reforme pour une suite à jus de scarabée. Mais seulement si nous le disons tous à haute voix trois fois.

Il y a dix ans chez C&J : 25 août 2011

RIGUETTES au pire ennemi d’un enfant : la gravité. Un jour, un chercheur du Nationwide Children’s Hospital était assis dans son bureau, regardant par une fenêtre ouverte et se demandant : “Eh bien, je me demande combien d’enfants en tombent.” Il s’avère que beaucoup ! Cinq mille enfants tombent des fenêtres chaque année. Pour mettre cela en perspective, c’est le nombre annuel de politiciens et de prédicateurs qui tombent en disgrâce.

Et juste un de plus…

TCHIN TCHIN au « Lion du Sénat ». Au fur et à mesure que le temps passe, de moins en moins d’entre nous « Muricans se souviendront que Ted Kennedy possédait ce titre pendant une grande partie de sa carrière de 47 ans là-bas. Je continuerai donc à en parler, surtout à l’occasion de son anniversaire et aussi à la date d’aujourd’hui—le 12e anniversaire de son décès d’un cancer du cerveau à 77 ans. Avec l’aide du président Obama, qui a déclaré à L’enterrement de Ted:

“Le monde se souviendra longtemps de leur fils Edward comme de l’héritier d’un lourd héritage; un champion pour ceux qui n’en avaient pas; l’âme du Parti démocrate; et le lion du Sénat des États-Unis – un homme qui honore près de 1 000 lois, et qui a écrit plus de 300 lois lui-même.

Pour marquer l’occasion, quelques extraits de Ted vintage :

Sur le Irak guerre: “Il n’y avait pas de menace imminente. Cela a été inventé en Texas, a annoncé en janvier aux dirigeants républicains que la guerre allait avoir lieu et qu’elle allait être bonne politiquement. Toute cette affaire était une fraude.”

Sur la réforme des soins de santé : « C’est la cause de ma vie – un nouvel espoir que nous allons briser le vieux blocage et garantir que chaque Américain – du Nord, du Sud, de l’Est, de l’Ouest, des jeunes, des vieux – aura des soins de santé décents et de qualité comme un droit fondamental et non un droit privilège.”

Et l’une de mes photos préférées, de 2009, lorsque Ted était l’un des plus grands supporters de Barack Obama. Le vétéran grisonnant transmet la sagesse au débutant…


Obamacare est maintenant pleinement en vigueur sur le long terme (et sera probablement bientôt étendu sous l’ancien vice-président de #44, maintenant connu sous le nom de #46), et j’imagine que porte-cartes UID à 5 chiffres Kossack Ted serait ravi des chiffres, mais aussi impatient de l’améliorer et furieux contre les républicains pour avoir essayé de le vider encore et encore afin qu’ils puissent donner à leurs amis milliardaires plus de réductions d’impôts. Pendant les 45 premières années de ma vie, Ted Kennedy était toujours à Washington, « la voix hurlant dans la salle du Sénat, le visage rougi, le poing frappant le podium, une véritable force de la nature » (les mots d’Obama encore une fois). Il était à la fois un bélier et un maître du jiu jitsu. (Regardez-le déchirer Donald Rumsfeld ici.) Et aussi un gars avec qui tu ne refuserais jamais de boire une bière. Même si je ne viens pas de Massachusetts, il se sentait toujours comme « mon » sénateur. Ses “vim et vigah” nous manquent beaucoup. Bravo, Ted. Et dis bonjour à tes frères, ils étaient plutôt bons aussi.

Passez une bonne journée. L’étage est ouvert… Qu’est-ce que vous applaudissez et raillez aujourd’hui ?

Témoignage de C&J sans vergogne d’aujourd’hui

Vous me verrez dans le Bravo et railleries piscine pour enfants et je ne partirai pas jusqu’à ce que Bill entre Portland Maine est condamné et emprisonné.”

Pierre Roger

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NBC’s Engel warns of ‘very dark time’ for US as Taliban dictates withdrawal

Appearing on MSNBC Daily MTP On Tuesday afternoon, NBC chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel predicted that history would view President Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan as “a very dark time for the United States”, particularly after the News broke that the administration would allow the Taliban to dictate the timetable. .

“What do you see in Kabul since your return and has this compromise that we made with the Taliban, essentially providing safe passage for the Americans, have we traded in the possibility of getting Afghans who helped us in garnering Taliban support to help drive the Americans out? Asked host Chuck Todd. Engel replied, “Well, a lot of it depends on the will of the Taliban and do you think the Taliban has changed? “

Moments later, the reporter analyzed the White House’s decision to meet the August 31 deadline to complete the withdrawal from Afghanistan, which is widely seen as unrealistic:

So from a tactical standpoint, sticking to the August 31 deadline makes a lot of sense here in Kabul because if you lose Taliban cooperation, the Taliban might not necessarily, although it is possible, step up. violence. But it is more likely that it is enough to let go of people at the airport, to stop cooperating completely, to overwhelm the process of the Americans, to make this process fail.

However, he then took a broader view of the situation and its devastating implications:

But then if you take a step back and look at what’s going on, it’s the United States after 20 years. This war was called Operation Enduring Freedom and it turned out not to last and they don’t leave a free society behind, it is only free as the Taliban say it will be, and the Taliban promise it will be. ‘she will be free. So you can also see this as an extremely humiliating moment – a moment of American humiliation, of leaving, forced to leave on the Taliban clock and with the good graces of the Taliban. So tactically it makes sense, but I don’t know how history will do it – I think history will judge this moment as a very dark time for the United States.

So far, many liberal media aren’t even interested in trying to film for the debacle Biden has created and its long-term damage.

Here’s a transcript of the August 24 exchange:

1:09 p.m. ET


CHUCK TODD: What do you see in Kabul since your return and did this compromise that we made with the Taliban, essentially providing safe passage for the Americans, did we trade the possibility of getting Afghans who got us helped by garnering the support of the Taliban to get the Americans out?

RICHARD ENGEL: Well, a lot of it depends on the will of the Taliban and do you think the Taliban has changed? The Taliban are now on their best behavior. They say they will support an inclusive society. The police are back on the streets here. They leave the old Afghan flag in place. They did not come in to loot or ransack the United States Embassy. They talk about building an inclusive society. They say they need engineers, they need doctors, they call on the Afghans to stay. They say that the previous president, Ashraf Ghani, who left – fled the country, it caused panic and it caused a rush to the airport and they are trying to stop this injury, this flow coming out of this country.

So if you believe the Taliban and Taliban are telling their people that they are reassured, they say, “We want the Americans to go, but that doesn’t mean the others can’t go,” that the commercial airport open day. They want the Americans out and they are doing what they can to make sure the Americans get out, and that comes down to coordinating at the tactical level, operating security checkpoints right next to the Americans.

So from a tactical standpoint, sticking to the August 31 deadline makes a lot of sense here in Kabul because if you lose Taliban cooperation, the Taliban might not necessarily, although it is possible, step up. violence. But it is more likely that it is enough to let go of people at the airport, to stop cooperating completely, to overwhelm the process of the Americans, to make this process fail.

But then if you take a step back and look at what’s going on, it’s the United States after 20 years. This war was called Operation Enduring Freedom and it turned out not to last and they don’t leave a free society behind, it is only free as the Taliban say it will be, and the Taliban promise it will be. ‘she will be free. So you can also see this as an extremely humiliating moment – a moment of American humiliation, of leaving, forced to leave on the Taliban clock and with the good graces of the Taliban. So tactically it makes sense, but I don’t know how history will do it – I think history will judge this moment as a very dark time for the United States.


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Afghan evacuation accelerates


Jennifer rubin/ WaPo:

Biden makes it clear: artificial boundaries won’t prevent his evacuation in Afghanistan

Overall, this is in addition to a White House effort to tie the evacuation to the original popular decision to end the unsuccessful war; portray the evacuation as a complex and hitherto largely successful enterprise led by professional and courageous Americans; and to reduce the sense of urgency surrounding the August 31 date and the physical limits of the US presence. Biden clearly wants to avoid an exit rush and focus on maintaining a successful airlift. Once again, if Biden gets all vulnerable Americans and Afghans to safety, last week will look like a rough and heartbreaking start to a historic rescue operation.


Alissa J Rubin /NY Times:

Was the war in Afghanistan supposed to take place?

In 2001, when the Taliban was weak and ready to surrender, the United States struck a deal. Almost 20 years later, the Taliban have it all.

It was at the end of November 2001 that the Taliban leadership began to reach out to Hamid Karzai, who would soon become the interim president of Afghanistan: They wanted to make a deal.

“The Taliban were completely defeated, they had no demand except for amnesty,” remembers Barnett Rubin, who was then working with the United Nations political team in Afghanistan.

Messengers shuttled between Mr. Karzai and the headquarters of the Taliban leader, Mullah Muhammad Omar, in Kandahar. Mr. Karzai envisioned a Taliban surrender that would prevent militants from playing an important role in the country’s future.

But Washington, convinced that the Taliban would be wiped out forever, was not in the mood to strike a deal.


Hilda Bastien/Atlantic:

The FDA must have taken so long

If the approval of the vaccine is extremely scrupulous, it is because the alternative is worse.

Some people want the FDA to step up. Others want him to be more careful. All of this can turn heads for anyone who just wants the agency to do whatever really works to get us out of this horrific pandemic. If one thing has defined the rollout of vaccination in the United States, it is exactly these competing pressures. There is a fundamental tension between the right to access a drug that people desperately need and the right to be protected from dangerous defects in quality. The first asks for speed; the second takes time.


Catherine Rampell /WaPo:

It’s time for the GOP to distribute a hard love on vaccines

The only half-decent excuse to delay the coronavirus vaccination – one that no shot had received “full approval” from the Food and Drug Administration – is now obsolete. It’s time for “facts don’t care about your feelings” Party to stop pampering their followers, give them a hard love and insist that everyone already get their damn shots.

A year and a half after the start of the pandemic, 40 percent eligible Americans are still not fully immunized. And while public health officials have pleaded with the unvaccinated to get vaccinated, many ambitious Republicans and right-wing “news” figures have, in bewilderment, refused to do so.

It didn’t have to be that way.



6 in 10 Floridians support the requirement for masks in schools, according to Quinnipiac University survey; 61% say recent spike in COVID-19 cases in Florida was preventable

Schools should be able to require masks for all students, say 54% of Floridians in a separate question, while 44% say parents should decide whether their own student will wear a mask or not.

On Governor DeSantis’ threat to withhold salaries for principals if they need masks for students, 69% say it’s a bad idea, while 25% say it’s a good idea. There is agreement across partisan lines, as Democrats 91-8%, Independents 70-26%, and Republicans 52-38% say it’s a bad idea.


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Biden tackles cybersecurity with tech and financial leaders

President Joe Biden meets with senior executives from some of the nation’s leading tech companies and financial institutions on Wednesday as the White House pushes for help from the private sector to bolster cybersecurity defenses against growing …

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