Newsmax Representative Dan Bishop: There must be a commission for Afghanistan

Representative Dan Bishop suggested on Newsmax that there should be an Afghan commission to review the withdrawal of US troops from the country after 20 years. Source link

Twitter will allow the Taliban to use the platform

Twitter will not ban the Taliban spokesperson from its platform. Source link

U.S. pledges support for Taiwan amid Chinese media threat

After Chinese state media warned Taiwan that it would be doomed to Afghanistan, the Biden administration vowed to help the island nation defend itself. . Source link

Millions of Americans may be eligible for the Covid Vaccine Booster

More than five million Americans could be eligible for Covid-19 vaccine boosters by end of September as part of the Biden administration’s plan to fight Delta variant of the coronavirus…

Don’t ask why black lawmakers have security. Ask why white supremacists continue to threaten them

The Washington Post reports that Eduard Florea, 41, of Queens, New York, faces 15 years in prison for threatening Warnock after his Senate second-round victory in Georgia. Florea wrote on…

Biden administrator appeals judge’s ruling forcing re-application of cruel anti-asylum policy

Aaron Reichlin-Melnick, policy adviser to the American Immigration Council, called Kacsmaryk’s decision ordering the Biden administration to reapply migrant protection protocols, also known as Stay in Mexico, a “bizarre move.”…

District attorney recuses himself in case black man was shot for loud music in Kroger parking lot

Surveillance video obtained by the Commercial call showed Livingston firing a gun at Motley and shooting him at a Kroger gas station as Motley held a can of beer and…

Unemployment benefits for $ 7million expire and Congress and Biden not about to act

Campaign action The White House and Democratic leaders had agreed to an October deadline for expiration of programs, but last minute obstruction Democratic West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin blew that…

Newsmax Representative Michael Guest: Afghanistan “embarrassed” for the United States

The “precipitous” withdrawal of the United States from Afghanistan falls directly on the Biden administration, which has attempted to meet a “political deadline” while ignoring the circumstances on the ground,…

United States calls on Americans in Afghanistan to shelter in place

The State Department urges Americans still in Afghanistan to “shelter in place” until they hear the opposite from the US Embassy. Source link